Amazing Jungle 7d/6n

AMAZING JUNGLE NATIVE/  ASHANINKA (CAMPA): There are two Ashaninka campa groups in the area. One the kakinte campa from the tsoroja zone, lives in the river Tambo basin, two gerations ago they arrived in the region in search of better land the kakinte campa were pressured into leaving their traditional territories (the communities of kitepampine and taini) by Andean migrants from central Peru. The second group is the ashaninka campa, with traditional territories between the Tambo and ENE Rivers they leave in Amazig Jungle.

Two events triggered their migration out of these territories during the 1970,s the central  Amazig Jungle was colonized. Pushing the Ashaninka out of their territory, they migrated toward Atalaya, then past bufeo pozo, and finally settled next to the community native Miaria. For many years, their settlement was considered an annex of Miaria, but it has been recently recognized and titled as an independent native community terrorism along the river Ene was rampant. The Catholic Church intervened in this violent situation and flew and Ashaninka out relocating them from the Ene and Cutivireni basin to the lower Urubamba, where they live today in the communities of Koshiri. Tangoshiariu and Taini.


AMAZING JUNGLE  NATIVE  /YINE YAMI /PIRO The yine yami people are better known as the Piro traditionally. The Piro controlled inter_ regional trade the entrance to river Tambo, and the famous cerro de la sal, Moreover, Piro controlled the area close to Cusco and contact with Andean commerce. Their communities are sense and Miaria, adjacent to the department of Ucayali; The Piros are the principal fish suppliers for the town of Sepahua and are known for their skills in commerce and navigation in Amazing Jungle

AMAZING JUNGLE NATIVE /NANTY The Nanty are known by most as Kugapakori. This name was given to them by the machiguenga and it means angry or wild people (they aggressively defend their territories and they decided to live in isolation) in contrast, they call themselves. Nanti meaning, good people The Nati Kugapakori separated from the machiguenga option to remain isolated from society. News of their existence has circulated since 1750, and in 1972 the firs small groups were contacted ,one of the Nanti/Kugapacori groups is situated in the settlements called Marankiato and Montetoni ,whint the Reserve Nahua Kugapacori there are also other Nanti /Kugapacori groups living inside of parquet National Manu and within Zone reserve Megantoni Amazing Jungle

AMAZING JUNGLE NATIVE /NAHUA /YORA The Nahua Yora are part of the pano linguistic family and the Yaminahua groups, they live between the River Misahua (serjali) and Sepahua. Only in the last 12 years have the Nahua Yora settled close together before 1982, they migrated between the River Yurua Purus.Mishagua and Parque national del Manu to hunt, fish and collect forest resources, today they live in the basin of the River Mishau, a tributary of lower Urubamba. More than 90% of the Nahua/Yora population lives in the native community of Santa Rosa de Serjali whint the reserve Nahua Kugapakoru

Tours Day 1: Cusco to Kiteni/Chomparina, Pongo Mainique

Tours Day 2: Pongo Mainique – Ivochote to Timpia Amazing Jungle

Tours Day 3: Pongo Mainique – Macaw Clay lick to Amazing Jungle

Tours Day 4: Amazing Jungle to  Native Community

Tours Day 5:  Camping River to Amazing Jungle Hike

Tours Day 6:  Camping River to  Community Tintiniquiato  Hike Amazing Jungle

Tours Day 7:  Back  Kiteni/Quillabamba to Cusco



Day 1. Cusco to Kiteni/Chomparina, Pongo Mainique:

Very early in the morning will pick you up from your hotel 4am and take us our bus from Cusco to Quillabamba. The route we will do about 6 hours, we will have a box lunch in Habra Malaga on the highest point of our journey. Arriving in the City of Quillabamba we will move immediately to the Pool of Sambaray to make refreshing, and lunch. Then we continue our journey to a Small town Kiteni for 5 hours, rest for an hour to continue our journey towards the Native Community of Chomparina for 3 hours we spend the night there. The route of the journey of this day will mean seeing the fruits of agricultural plantations, banana, coffee, coca, and more according to the agricultural season.

Day 2.  Pongo Mainique – Ivochote to Timpia Amazing Jungle:

Early after breakfast we will move to the Port River Ivochote of the boat where we headed to the Pongo Mainique for 3 hours, spend the morning taking pictures and exploring the forest near this geological formation unique addition to the Guide we connect the past and the Historic Significance of the Sanctuary Megantoni and its connection to the Art of Cinema. In the afternoon we will move to the Lodge of the Commonwealth Native Timpia there spend the night and take night walking also.

Day 3.  Pongo Mainique – Macaw Clay lick to Amazing Jungle :

Early morning where we can take a walk to Collpa of parrots in the afternoon we will move to other Native Community, where we will spend our night in the tent after dinner where we make a campfire and drink typical jungle drinks

Day 4. Amazing Jungle to  Native Community :

in the morning where we going to Visit and spend the day together with a native family in the Native Community. In the afternoon we will move to another native community where we will camp and practice traditional ceremonies and cleansing our soul with an Amazonian Shaman.

Day 5. Camping  River to Amazing Jungle Hike:

After breakfast we can take our Boat back to pongo Mainique there to strengthen our soul with ancient beliefs in the afternoon crossed a tributary of the river Alto Urubamba. We will spend the afternoon practicing fish and Anglers.

Day 6. Camping river to Community Tintiniquiato Hike Amazing Jungle :

Early after breakfast we can start to explorer the forest of the Megantoni Sanctuary throughout the morning. In the afternoon we return to the pot of Colona Community Tintiniquiato camp there.

Day 7. Pongo Mainique – Back Kiteni/Quillabamba to Cusco:

Early in the morning where we will take the car back to Quillabamba arriving at noon, after lunch continues to Cusco arriving at 10pm.


Tour Included in this tour Amazing Jungle

  • Professional naturalist guide to Amazing Jungle
  • Private bus and boat
  • Entrance fees to Reserve zone Megantoni
  • Cook
  • All food (vegetarian on request)
  • Camping equipment and Lodge stays
  • First Aid Kit, extractor ( for poison)
  • Radio communication

Not Included in this trip Amazing Jungle

  • Sleeping bag
  • Binocular
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic drinks etc.

Things You Should Bring For The  Amazing Jungle :

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Long sleeved shirts (cotton is better)
  • Cotton socks
  • Sandals
  • Rain gear
  • Long pants
  • Bathing suit
  • hiking shoes
  • Binoculars (you can also rent them from)
  • Camera and films (400 and 200 ASA)
  • Plastic bags for clothes and camera etc.
  • Personal things (soap, toilet paper. towel etc.)
  • Hat (or handkerchief)
  • Sun blocker, sun glasses
  • Sleeping bag (can also be rented)
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries)
  • Day pack
  • Money in soles


Departures every Day to Amazing Jungle minimum 2 persons

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