Amazon Peru 5 days/ 4 nights


Visiting Manu : Some 5,000 visitors make the trip to Manu each year, roughly 5% being dedicated birders. On a typical 2–3 week trip covering all altitudes, birders accompanied by experienced leaders regularly record 550–650 species. There is something for everyone at Manu. Some birders start early, finish late and ‘bird until they drop’. Others come for a relaxed birding holiday, staying at comfortable lodges, visiting macaw licks (called collpas), paddling on oxbow lakes and passing a leisurely morning atop one of the many canopy towers. As access is restricted, almost all visitors come on a tour: only authorised operators can take visitors into Manu National Park and all must be accompanied by an official guide. Granted, almost all Manu bird specialities and much other wildlife can be seen in adjacent areas, but  even these are remote, so access is really only feasible as part of a tour or if you are sponsored by a lodge or NGO working in the area

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  • Length: 5 Days/4 Nights
  • Type of service: Private or Group
  • Location: Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department, Manu National Park, jungle trips, manu peruvian
  • Activities: Culture, parrot clay lick, Machuwasi Lake, manu peruvian jungle, jungle trips, rainforest
  • Altitude: 400 – 3,600 m.a.s.l.
  • Best time to visit: May – December
  • Departure: Every day
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Maximum of participants: 10
  • Price per person: USD

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manu culture zone reserve - amazon peru - manu jungle trips



Quick Itinerary of the Amazon Peru :

Cusco Ninamarca   Pilcopata  Lodge Manu Park .

  • Manu ransfer by bus from (Cusco) Hotel
    Travel by car from Cusco to Pilcopata 185 km
    Visiting Ninamarka 3,700 m.s.n.m ,Pucartambo 2,906 m.s.n.m , Acjanacu 3,490 m.s.n.m,
    Cloud Forest varies from 500 m to 4000 m above sea level.
    Guide speak English
    1 Lunch ,1 Dinner
    Town Pilcopata 700 m.s.n.m
    1 Night With a comfortable shower and bathroom.

Pilcopata  Port to   Rainforest Lodge  Manu Park .

  • Manu 1 Breakfast ,1 Lunch , Dinner
    Guide Speak English and Spanish
    Travel by car from Pilcopata to Atalaya Port
    Travel by Boat from Atalaya Port to Rainforest Lodge
    Rubber boots.
    Walk inside to Rainforest to Manu National Park , Night Walk
    1 Night in Our Lodge

Rainforest Lodge, Parrot Clay Lick, Aguas Calientes (of Manu National Park ) 

  • Manu Parrot Clay Lick
    1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
    Guide in English and Spanish
    1 night in Aguas Caliente  in our Lodge Manu Park
    Rubber boots..
    In the morning hike through the jungle Knowing the flora and fauna.
    Visit the Hot Waters to take a refreshing bath.
    -Nighttime activity on our boat to see the caimans

Manu Aguas Calientes – Machuwasi Lake to Rainforest Lodge .

  • Manu 1 Breakfast , 1 Lunch , 1 Dinner
    Guide Speak English and Spanish
    Rubber boots.
    In the Morning hike in the jungle Knowing the flora and fauna .
    1 Night in our Lodge
    In the afternoon visit Machuwasi Lake
    Night  Walk inside  the Amazon Manu National Park .

Manu Jungle Rainforest Lodge to  Atalaya Port Back  Cusco .

  • Manu Tour – Guide Speak English and Spanish
    1 Breakfast , 1Lunch
    Departure from our Lodge between 8:00 and 8:30 am
    Boat Back from our lodge to port Atalaya
    Private car for the group awaits us at the port atalaya return to the city of Cusco .
    Arrival to Cusco between 7:00 and 7:30 pm.
    End of service



Tours Day 1:

Cusco Ninamarca to Pilcopata Lodge Manu Park .

We leave Cusco early in the morning to start our adventurous trip! First, we are taken by private transport to the place called Ninamarca to observe pre-Incan “chullpas” (tombs) of the Lupaca’s culture. Then, we continue to Paucartambo, a colonial town with narrow streets and beautiful church, where people still keep their old customs. Later, we ascend to Acjanaco Pass (3,550 masl) considered as an entrance to the Manu National Park and then we get to the viewpoint Tres Cruces de Oro (3,700 masl) From there, we start descending to the edge of the Manu jungle passing first an elfin forest and there a cloud forest where we can view a cock of the rock, hummingbirds, strikingly coloured quetzals, trogons, spotted flycatcher and woolly monkey. From flora, we can view a variety of orchids, mosses, ferns, etc. Finally, we get to Pilcopata (700 masl) where our first accommodation in our Pilcopata Lodge is placed. We can refresh ourselves there having a shower and after that, we are served dinner, before we get to bed

optional night walk in amazon peru with manu jungle trips.

Tours Day 2:
Pilcopa to Rainforest Lodge  to  Amazon Peru Manu Jungle Expeditions .

After breakfast, we continue our journey by private car (one and half an hour) towards the port at Atalaya (500 m.a.s.l). There, we board a motorized boat to continue for about half an hour navigating on the Alto Madre de Dios River. Along the rocky riversides, we have a great opportunity to observe the river wildlife like many birds, turtles or sunbathing lizards. In the afternoon, we reach our next lodge – Rainforest Lodge. Then we go to explore nearby paths where we can see a big diversity of species, for example, tarantulas, ants, butterflies, some monkey species, huge trees, erotic plants, palms, etc. After that, we return to our lodge to overnight.

Optional: A night walk in amazon peru with manu jungle trips and manu national park.

Tours Day 3:

Rainforest Lodge –  Parrot Clay Lick – Aguas Calientes (of Manu) .

We wake up today very early to board a motor boat taking us to a 10 minute far away clay-lick of parrots, budgerigars and aras (guacamayo) which is an unforgettable experience! After this activity, we return to the lodge to have breakfast. Afterwards, we go for a walk following nearby Manu jungle´s paths observing its large flora & fauna biodiversity such as monkeys, birds, medicinal plants used by local people to heal various sicknesses, etc. For lunch, we get back to the lodge to later continue to another excursion, this time to Aguas Calientes (hot springs located in the Manu National Park) There, we enjoy a hot bath providing us with energy in the afternoon we will back our lodge .

Optional: A night ride in a boat to do “caimaneada” (caiman watching) in amazon Peru in jungle trips.

Tours Day 4:
Manu Jungle Aguas Calientes –  Machuwasi Lake  – Rainforest Lodge .

Today, we have another opportunity to go to the parrot clay-lick to view parrots, budgerigars and guacamayos eating clay that is very important to their digestion. If we are lucky, we can also spot some big mammals like capybaras, tapirs, anteater, monkeys, etc. We go for lunch back to the Rainforest Lodge. Afterwards, we have a short break to enjoy a refreshing bath in a river or just relax in the lodge. In the afternoon, we go to visit Machuwasi Lake to check out a sail in “remos” (hollowed tree trunks used by natives of the area). This is a perfect way on how to watch a big diversity of local animal species such as a prehistoric bird called hoatzin, some caimans, capybaras or monkeys Tocon (Callicebus oenanthe). Later on, we return to our lodge to spend the night.

Optional: A night walk in Amazon Peru and manu national park

Tours Day 5:
Manu Jungle – Rainforest Lodge to Atalaya Port Back Cusco .

After breakfast, we board our motorized boat to start returning. Our first stop is in the Atalaya Port where our private vehicle awaits us to take us back to Cusco arriving there between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm.

You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever as well as to bring some anti-malaria tablets with you!!



Included in the Amazon Peru 5 days / 4 nights:

  • A professional naturalist Tour Guide for amazon peru;
  • Motorboat transportation;
  • Private vehicle land transportation for jungle trips;
  • Entrance fee to the thermal baths (Aguas Calientes of Manu National Park);
  • A professional Cook,
  • Meals: 4 Breakfast, 5 Lunch, 4 Dinner and drinking water (Please note: vegetarian option upon request for no extra cost!);
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in lodges in the Manu jungle trips;
  • First aid kit .
  • Radio communications for jungle trips;
  • Rubber boots.

Not included in the Amazon Peru 5 days:

  • Any flight nor airport departure taxes;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Vaccination for jungle trips;
  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the last day;
  • Drinks;
  • Tips to local staff.

What to take with you to the Amazon Peru 5 days:

  • Mosquito repellent (DEET 35 recommended as a MINIMUM!!),
  • Original passport for jungle trips,
  • Small backpack,
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured),
  • Long cotton trousers,
  • Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers),
  • Comfortable walking shoes,
  • Sandals or light shoes,
  • Rain gear (e.g. rain poncho),
  • Swimsuit;
  • Binoculars (we also rent it),
  • Camera and its charger for jungle trips,
  • Plastic bags to be used for clothes and a camera,
  • A hat as a protection against the Sun or rain,
  • Toiletries,
  • Small towel,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Antibacterial gel,
  • Sun cream,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries),
  • A bottled water (1 litre as a minimum),
  • Pocket money (Soles) to buy some beverages and souvenirs as well as to tip.


Lodge Manu National Park













El bosque Nublado del Manu tiene unas altitudes por encima de las nubes como bosques enanos, de Costa Rica al sur de Bolivia, se produce un ecosistema de tierra arbusto tiene un clima húmedo y fresco, que a lo largo del año a menudo ve las heladas nocturnas. Los grandes pastos agrupadas llamadas gramíneas cespitosas con hojas amarillentas, agudos, junto con una dispersión de brómelas terrestres y helechos, son la vegetación dominante en el Amazonas Peru del Manu.

Entre un paisaje Hermoso y una altitudes entre 3.500 y 4.500 m (11.400 – 14.800. Pies) que se encuentran en los Andes, (que es normalmente por encima de la vegetación arbórea), islas de árboles nudosos confinados a protegidas, pendientes rocosas se pueden ver. Estos grupos de árboles están dominadas por el género Polylepis, que ocurre en rodales esencialmente puras en las elevaciones más altas. Polylepis también se pueden encontrar en los bosques nubosos de menor elevación pero normalmente mezclan entre otras Especies.Polylepis es muy resistente a la sequía, en el Manu wild o Amazonas Perú con los grandes árboles que alcanzan alturas de unos 18 m 59 pies. Este tipo de ecosistema se considera amenazada en la mayor parte de su área de distribución en el Amazonas Perú.

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Manu Jungle Lodge  Viajes al Parque Nacional del Manu Tikari .

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Manu Rainforest Lodge  viajes a la selva .


The Manu Biosphere Reserve is one of the most pristine areas of wildlife the Amazon Peru this find in the Manu River in the park, No activities are performed as hunting or fishing. This Reserve is very strictly controlled and visitors are only allows them with their tickets and the guides with their professional card especially with its operator agency of the Manu National Reserve. Where all the time will be with your guide from your departure from the city of Cusco until your return to the city of Cusco .Tours to reserve Manu national park must be organized in advance, To have not have any problems with your fixed departures to the Manu tour .The Manu National Park Reserve Center ( Biosphere ) consists of three zones


Is located in the southern part of Peru in the departments of Madre de Dios and Cusco Province of Manu and Paucartambo Occupies Territories of the districts of fitzcarralt of the province of Manu and district of Challabamba and Qosñipata of the province of Paucartambo comprises all the The Manu River basin and the left bank of the Madre Madre River; Comprises in 65% to the department of Madre de Dios 35% to the department of Cusco


The Core or Natural Zone. What is coming to make the intangible area that covers an area of 1,532,806 hectares is the indigenous territory where the traditional use of land is made, without any restrictions for native groups, where it is prohibited to enter Tourists and any strange person without authorization from the headquarter of the Manu national park.
The Reservation Zone : Consists of an area of 257,000 hectares assigned to Tourism and to researchers with a rational treatment of resources
The Transitional or Cultural Zone of Manu National Park. It covers an area of 91,394 hectares where the colonists and some indigenous communities of Machiguengas are found, forming a buffer zone in the core of the Manu National Park, where there are no restrictions on economic activities, as can be seen in our maps. Three areas that make up the Manu National Reserve contains 13 different ecological zones ranging in altitude from 200m to 4,000m, meaning that it has an incredible variety of flora and fauna.
Excursions to Manu National Park are expensive as (Manu Biosphere Reserve) (Manu Cultural Zone) However; it is sometimes possible to get discounts at official prices. If an agency has a fixed departure for a day or two if it still has spaces, it may be willing to offer our departure date are fixed for this 2017 (if you have a date available for the tour to the Manu we need a deposit of 50 % Min of people 2 maximum 10 you can make your reservation with our company Manu Jungle Trips .
The international companies operate the Manu Reservation with their own mobility as land transport, and river transport and that have their own land and shelter that leave no income to the communities and indigenous peoples who for years and centuries kept this reserve in their natural habitat today consider just some agencies that try to be along with them giving income work for your family.
Generating work for the local population inside and outside the Manu National Park reserve .


Usted puede utilizar el siguiente formulario para contactar con Manu Jungle Trips de Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, Perú. Nos pondremos en contacto con usted tan pronto como sea posible.

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Esta es la forma más rápida y más segura de pago en el Perú. La transferencia de dinero debe ser en el nombre de Edgar Condori Ramos, Aceptamos tanto en dólares y Soles Peruanos (moneda local o internacional).

Si usted está interesado en este tour o tiene alguna preguntar acerca de ello. Por favor contáctenos a nuestro email para resolver cualquier duda y/o orientación para su viaje en Perú.

Contáctenos o Reserve su tours con sus consultas a MANU JUNGLE TRIPS:

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Salidas confirmadas del Parque Nacional del Manu



Customer Service in Peru: 051 (84) 255527

24 hour assistance: +51 984 388783 – 051 984430803

WhatsApp: +51 979 530544


Oficina: Avenida El Sol 130-C, Cusco – PERÚ



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Acerca del pago a MANU JUNGLE TRIPS: El envío lo debe realizar a nombre de nuestro Gerente de la Agencia de viajes y turismo, lo puede hacer mediante WESTERN UNION, usted puede enviar y recibir dinero rápidamente entre cualquiera de los 116.000 agentes u oficinas de todo el mundo. También lo puede hacer con Paypal, Tarjeta de Crédito o mediante una transferencia Bancaria (banco BCP y/o INTERBANK), que se le indicará más adelante por email o teléfono.

Esta es la forma más rápida y más segura de pago en el Perú. La transferencia de dinero debe ser en el nombre de Edgar Condori Ramos, Aceptamos tanto en dólares y Soles Peruanos (moneda local o internacional).

Si usted está interesado en este tour o tiene alguna preguntar acerca de ello. Por favor contáctenos a nuestro email para resolver cualquier duda y/o orientación para su viaje en Perú.

Contáctenos o Reserve su tours con sus consultas a MANU JUNGLE TRIPS:


Como la humedad de la selva baja se eleva y se enfría, la selva tropical de montaña típicamente queda envuelto en la niebla pesada durante al menos una parte de cada día. Esto le da a estas zonas el bosque nombre de nube. Cielos despejados por la mañana pronto ceden a la niebla densa, las nubes que persisten desde la tarde hasta la oscuridad y dar a los bosques una mirada nublada, húmeda y sienten. Este es el ecosistema dominante a lo largo de la vertiente oriental de los Andes dentro de un cinturón altitudinal estrecho (de 2.000 a 3.500 m). Es común que los bosques de niebla andinos para comenzar a reemplazar los bosques de tierras bajas en alrededor de 1.200 – 1.500 m. Esta es una transición que a veces puede ser muy brusco en amazon Perú en Parque Nacional del Manu.

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Un bosque típico nube es exuberante. Contará con una alta biomasa y abundancia obvia de orquídeas epífitas, bromelias, helechos, musgos y licopodios, que todo diversamente cubren o tapizan las ramas y troncos de los árboles. Mientras que las vides son relativamente poco frecuentes, arbustos suelen ser abundantes. A menudo hay dos estratos de árboles, pero no son tan altos como en los bosques lluviosos de tierras bajas, con ramas de 25 a 30 m de altura. Están normalmente densamente espaciados y la mayoría de ellos tienen troncos nudosos. Las hojas se denominan esclerófilo, lo que significa que son pequeños, en el Amazonas Perú en giras Tambopata y el lago Sandoval.


Este tour le permite llegar a la Zona de la Cultura del Parque Nacional del Manu ofrece una visita de 3 tipos de bosques: bosque de la montaña andina, el bosque enano y un bosque de nubes! Este último es el único lugar de detectar un gallito de las rocas (ave nacional del Perú) y un mono choro !! También es un lugar absolutamente perfecto para todo el mundo le gustaba la observación de aves, especialmente para los ornitólogos !! Por otra parte, en el Amazonas Perú Expedición nos permite navegar en troncos de árboles ahuecados en el lago Machuwasi, disfrutar de un baño en aguas termales de selva y sobre todo, para pasar una noche en un camping rodeado de selva que nos permite un contacto cercano con la vida salvaje! ! El Manu Jungla Expedition es un recorrido ideal para los que falta una verdadera aventura !!!