Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest : Iquitos is the capital of Loreto, is located on the banks of the Amazon Rainforest  river and is the fifth metro area in population of Peru and with more than 400,000 inhabitants the most populous of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Iquitos is located on the banks of the Amazon Rainforest  a few miles from its source at the confluence of the Maranon and Ucayali rivers within the region of Loreto. Before the Spanish arrived, the area comprising Iquitos was inhabited by tribes of yameos and Iquitos who were forced to participate in the mission of evangelization the missionaries of the Society of Jesus after onquista.

The city was formed on the plateau resulting from the confluence of the Nanay, Amazonas and Itaya rivers given the high concentration of Christian missions gradually organized a city where its 171 inhabitants in 1842 were most iquiteña so it would take the name “the village of Iquitos.” The population was increasing slowly mostly by mestizos who sought refuge in Iquitos for one or other reasons. In 1864 the port on the Amazon River Iquitos become the capital of the newly created province of Loreto was built.

Around 1880 the rubber boom in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest  began and thousands of Peruvians Amazon Trips and Europeans immigrated to Iquitos which marked the renaissance of the city that was equipped with basic facilities. In 1903 already had 9438 inhabitants.

Currently Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest and the sixth of Peru with its modern airport, its river port and its universities and technical institutes. It is home to 396,600 iquiteños scattered four districts that comprise: Iquitos, San Juan Bautista, Punchana and Bethlehem.

Climate Amazon Rainforest Iquitos

Thanks to the proximity of the Ecuador Iquitos has a tropical rainforest climate with an average temperature of 28 ° C ranging between 20 ° C and 36 ° C throughout the year. It has two seasons under the rain, the dry, the driest time is between June and September and the wet, more recrudescent between December and January.

Useful for Amazon Rainforest Iquitos :

To sleep in Iquitos is strictly necessary to wear ear plugs because of the large volume of traffic throughout the night city. Iquitos is plagued by auto rickshaws, in fact Honda‘s produced in a large factory on the outskirts of the city of Iquitos Amazon Rainforest
 The rickshaws, at first can be a friendly means of transport will become little by little for the traveler on a infernal thunder. The problem is that most Iquiteños modify the vehicle exhaust for more power but what they accomplish is to amplify the sound of their engines causing real discomfort to the population. It’s easy to find murals painted on the streets protesting against the deafening noise. The sanitation is appropriate, although we take bottled water and protect against mosquitoes especially when we are near the Amazon Rainforest River Adventure. No need to sleep with a mosquito net in the city of Iquitos amazon Rainforest.

The city is quite safe even on the boardwalk, usually frequented by people living in the river, the goings breathe.

Money in Iquitos Amazon Rainforest :

In Iquitos can withdraw money from  located around the Plaza de Armas in the street Antonio Raimondi, also can be changed on the bench in the Plaza de Armas. It is recommended not to change money changers” who frequent this street because usually they will try to scam you with fake bills, both soles as Dollar or Euro if appropriate a return on the deal.

The motocarristas guides. Indispensable Amazon Rainforest  Iquitos .
Most taxi drivers are cornerstone of tourism development in Iquitos as we help you find accommodation and hire the activities we want to perform a function of the price that we want to spend. The motocarristas offered to tourists to bring backpackers to hotels or even negotiate the approximate price of the stay as they have dealings with financial institutions. In addition motocarristas frequented their “hotels” to propose activities to tourists. The most important thing is to be clear what you want to do and not be swayed by suggestions that most benefits them, a point that may insist. However, they are annoying and there is no evidence of any problems with them.