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The Manu Biosphere Reserve is one of the most pristine areas  of wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon, which  in the  Manu River  in the park. Activities such as  hunting and fishing are not performed. The Reserve is very strictly controlled and visitors are only allowed to visit with tickets and guides with their professional card, especially with its operator agency of the Manu National Reserve. All of your time in the park will be with your

guide, from your departure from the city of Cusco until your return to the city of Cusco. Tours to Manu National Park must be organized in advance in order to avoid any problems with your departure for the Manu tour.


Manu National Park is located in the southern part of Peru in the departments of Madre de Dios and Cusco Province of Manu and Paucartambo. Territories of the districts of Fitzcarralt of the province of Manu and district of Challabamba and Qosñipata of the province of Paucartambo comprise all the the Manu River Basin and the left bank of the Madre Madre River; the area of the park lies 65% in the department of Madre de Dios and 35% in the department of Cusco.


The Core or Natural Zone, which makes up the intangible area that covers an area of 1,532,806 hectares, is the indigenous territory where the land is used according to tradition, without any restrictions for native groups, where tourists and any other foreigners are prohibited to enter without authorization from the headquarters of Manu National Park.
The Reserved Zone consists of an area of 257,000 hectares designated for tourism and researchers with a rational treatment of resources.
The Transitional or Cultural Zone of Manu National Park covers an area of 91,394 hectares where the colonists and some indigenous communities of Machiguengas are found, forming a buffer zone in the core of the Manu National Park, where there are no restrictions on economic activities, as can be seen in our maps. The three areas that make up the Manu National Reserve contains 13 different ecological zones ranging in altitude from 200m to 4,000m, meaning that it has an incredible variety of flora and fauna.
Excursions to Manu National Park are expensive as (Manu Biosphere Reserve) (Manu Cultural Zone) However, it is sometimes possible to get discounts on official prices. If an agency has a fixed departure for a day or two and if it still has spaces, it may be willing to offer our departure date are fixed for this 2017 (if you have a date available for the tour to the Manu we need a deposit of 50 %, minimum of 2 people, maximum 10) You can make your reservation with our company Manu Jungle Trips.
International companies operate in the Manu Reservation with their own transportation, such as land transport and river transport, and they have their own land and shelter that leave no income to the communities and indigenous peoples who for years and centuries kept this reserve in its natural habitat. Today just some agencies try to work along with them, giving work income for their families and generating work for the local population inside and outside the Manu National Park Reserve.



Manu Tour jungle trips peru

Manu Tour 7 days / 6 nights

MANU RESERVE ZONE DURATION: 7 DAYS – 6 NIGHTS Manu National Park, one of the biggest protected areas in the world, is home to the some of the greatest biodiversity ...
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Manu Nature jungle trips peru

Manu Nature 6 days / 5 nights

MANU NATIONAL PARK RESERVE CENTER  Highlights of a typical tour: A typical Manu trip starts from Cusco at 3,300 m ,crosses the last Andean mountain range, drops down the eastern slope ...
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manu national park jungle trips peru

Manu National Park – Manu Jungle Tours Pakitza 8 days

 Park Reservation of Manu Biosphere, extreme diversity  Manu National A true paradise of biodiversity, it stands out among the frigid punas of the Andes and the mysterious thickets of the Peruvian ...
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Amazon Peru 5 days Manu Park

Amazon Peru 5 days Manu Park

MANU NATIONAL PARK RESERVE CENTER  Visiting Manu: Some 5,000 visitors make the trip to Manu each year, roughly 5% being dedicated birders. On a typical 2–3 week trip covering all ...
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Manu Peruvian Jungle trips peru

Manu Peruvian Jungle 4days / 3nights

MANU NATIONAL PARK RESERVE CENTER Nowhere is amazing diversity more evident than in the tropical and temperate forests and associated habitats of the Reserva Biosfera de Manu (hereafter called Manu ...
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Peru Amazon Tours manu jungle

Peru Amazon Tours 3 days / 2 nights

MANU NATIONAL PARK Highlights of a typical tour: A typical Manu trip starts from Cusco at 3,300 m.a.s.l., crosses the last Andean mountain range, drops down the eastern slope of ...
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Bird Watching Manu National Park

Bird Watching Manu National Park

Bird Watching Manu National Park is a birdwatchers’ paradise, and many eco-tourists visit the reserve specifically to watch birds. On a two to three week birding trip to Manu National ...
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Photograph Tour Manu National Park

Photograph Tour Manu National Park

Photograph Tour Birding in the Manu National Park: The Madre de Dios region contains a large number of bird species. Only Manu National Park has the record for 1,000 species ...
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Volunteer Manu Park Jungle trips per

Volunteer Manu

Volunteer work at Manu National Park ...
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CLAY LICK – MACAW BLANQUILLO: In native language, Macaw means, “that who cries along the river”. They are highly intelligent animals and can live up 50 or 60 years old.. There ...
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Wild Guacamon Collpa – Manu Blanquillo 7 days: In Manu, typical areas of macaw salt stones are the (Scheela butyracea) palm trees, known as Shebonal. Pew nutrients, a high concentration ...
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MANU JUNGLE TRIPS AMAZON PERU: Manu is committed to making a real tour to its customers because it has been working with more than 15 years of experience in the competitive market improving every day in our service as the itineraries are flexible enough to maximize your travel possibilities to the Nature Reserve of Peru, Manu Biosphere and Cultural Zone where our guides will do everything possible to show the wonders and riches of our National Reserve of Peru.

Manu Jungle Trips

We work with naturalist guides of the jungle who really speak almost perfectly the English language and who have many experience and knowledge of the flora and fauna of the Manu Reserve. Most of our guides have grown up in Manu and have been working and living in the jungle Rainforest Manu. As the recognition of birds and mammals by the same sound and sight. They can imitate the voices to the animals and to call closer, thus to appreciate to these species that inhabit in its natural habitat of the wild.

Travel Manu Jungle – We have all the official permits of our company Manu Jungle Trips. For the safety of our customers who are not cut off or injured on your Tour of the Manu National Park, Manu Culture ZoneCollpa de Guacamayos Manu Blanquillo,


Manu Jungle Trips It offers different excursions like Manu Forest Cloudy, Cultural Zone, Biosphere of the Manu, Blanquillo Collpa of Guacamayo .Tour Expedition visiting the cloud forest and the cultural reserve of the manu and cocha camungo and blanquillo leaving by the city of Puerto Maldonado .Por Please get in  Contact Us Manu Jungle Trips And we will write to advise charming adventure travel to the jungle.