Sandoval Lake

SANDOVAL LAKE :The most visited tourist destination is Lake Sandoval, in the basin of the Madre de Dios River. It is a beautiful, crystalline water surface of 127 ha, surrounded by palm trees full of macaws, just half an hour by river from Puerto Maldonado. To enter a 3 km trail follows from the pier, which includes a visit to the Interpretation Centre and in which many species of flora and fauna. In its waters, traveled in tour boats renting local people and shelters, inhabits a large family of otters can be seen hunting and preening on tree trunks. There is also an observation tower for a panoramic view Sandoval Lake in tours Tambopata River basin upstream, there are other important lakes: Coco Cocha, 2 hours from Puerto Maldonado, also with the presence of wolves Sachavacayoc river, 45 min by river further from the anterior and time gauge,  Sandoval lake Reserve.

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Where there is a campground for the night. There, the sound of the forest, including the noisy howler monkey and many birds, is responsible for transporting the visitor to that magical and full of life beside having the jungle. From Sachavacayoc, a path of 30 min leads to the Doomed lakes (one and two), whose name seems to respond to the fact that they are disappearing, as are the oldest lakes in the region

The Sandoval Lake Following the Tambopata river is broken and Cat waterfall and rapids near Baltimori a touch of excitement to the tour. The attractive features of Tambogrande paw licks are places where animals come to eat certain types of nutrients found in clay soils of the forest. Those found in the cliffs on the banks of the rivers are filled with birds (macaws, parrots and falcons), who gather in large numbers, in a celebration of color and dramatic sound, and mostly occurs between 5:30 and 9am. In the forest or licks inland, however, come mammals like peccaries, and tapirs, usually at night. The Chuncho lick is located at the left of the rio Tambopata, 4 h for river beyond the sea gene Sentenced lakes, Colorado and lick one and a half further. The latter is considered the largest colpa known throughout the Peruvian Amazon. Sandoval Lake.

Also licks in the La Torre A mammal clay lick just 15 min by the river La Torre and Nas, peccaries and deer. A lick of parrots, a 5 min job for control, with hundreds of parrots to amaneen Finally, 3 h of post Controlla Caticocha Tower is the lake, offering the opportunity to see up close alligators and other species in Sandoval Lake – Jungle Trips.

SANDOVAL LAKE LODGE: The sheer vastness and impenetrability of the Amazon Basin has protected its diverse flora, fauna  in this amazon sandoval lake  from the outside world for time immemorial.  Native people  exist in its depths that have never had contact with outside civilization. As the 21st century  lowly dawns on this enticing expanse of jungle territory, the abundance of natural resources contained within it – ranging from oil to ranch land – is set to threaten and possibly forever change it. The jungle  sandoval lake here comprises 50% of the nation, yet only 5% of Peruvians  wildlife sandoval lake  live in it. Stretching away from beneath the eastern flank of the Andes for thousands of kilometers to the Atlantic Ocean, this wilderness has long been synonymous with the word ‘adventure and Peru’s portion of it has been judiciously preserved. More plant types flourish in a single rainforest sandoval lake  hectare here than in any European country. Some of the world’s most diverse nature wildlifw amazon  sandoval lake  reserves beckon, making this one of the continent’s premier

sandoval lake

wildlife-watching spots. Divided into three primary areas, the Peruvian Amazonas  sandoval lake not only offers a mixture of birding and animal-spotting, jungle trekking and river life but also a dash of raucous rainforest city living. There are only three towns of any size Pucallpa can be reached by a paved road, Puerto Maldonado is accessible mostly by dirt track and Iquitos is connected to the rest of Peru by river and air alone. This lush region begs for the attention of adventure seekers but it also begs for protection. Its natural wealth also attracts loggers, energy companies, slashand- burn farmers and developers. This is frontier country. Travel is tough but rewards are unlimited: forging your way by rough road, raging river and overgrown path, you’ll feel like the explorers who first brought outside attention to this region in puerto maldonado sandoval lake



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