Tour Manu Biosphere Reserve Zone

Tour Manu Biosphere Lodge

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Amazon Expeditions, Travel Rainforest

Amazon Expedition The Petroglyphs of Pusharo .Is found in the Manu park  palotoa community, it has different anthropomorphic images, snakes, feline footprints,

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Manu Tour wild rainforest in Peru

Manu Tour Peru . A special place to observe the wildlife and wildlife of the Manu National Park Reserve where diversities of species inhabit this natural area of the Manu Park.

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Amazon Trail, Trek Peru Rainforest

Amazon Trail Peru, Manu Expedition where one will get to know the jungle closer to his imagination, hiking on the trails, exploring the lakes, fishing, taking a thermal bath in the same jungle.

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Wild Trip - Manu Blanquillo

It is a complete tour to discover the ecosystem visiting the blanquillo, the macaw clay lick, the largest in South America and the biosphere of the Manu Park where the Salvador Cocha, Otorongo Cocha will be visited.

Tour Manu Park - Culture Zone

Manu Cultural Zone Lodge

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Amazon Peru ,Trip, Wildlife Expeditions

 Amazon Peru  . Manu Park It is a Primitive Zone that extends from the Andes to the tropical forests where only a soft sound is heard.

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Manu Peruvian Trip , Manu Jungle Wildlife

Manu Peruvian Explorer Jungle Explorers the National Park, which has different ecosystems that preserve an incredible wildlife that is unique on the planet

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Peru Amazon Tours - Amazonia Peru -Tours

Peru Amazon Tours Rainforest. A tropical jungle with exuberant vegetation, walk in the depths to observe the Amazonian wild fauna and flora in the Amazon Tours.

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Amazon Nature Ayahuasca trips

Amazon Nature. In this tour to Manu you will have the opportunity to take ayahuasca during the tour that is organized for you,

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Tour Manu Birds

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Rainforest bird ,amazon Bird , birwaching

Rainforest bird 6D/5N

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Trail Bird, Birding Peru

Trail Birding: New route that was discovered with more species of endemic birds, this tour is complete because it starts from the punas and tropical .

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Amazon Bird, Manu Birds

Amazon Bird. Manu Park has the greatest biodiversity of species in one of the most protected areas in the world raiforest a Bird  . It has an incredible and incomparable beauty of this Peruvian Amazon

Manu Jungle Trips - Amazon Travel Peru

Come, sit down and you will enjoy an authentic expedition to the jungle (Biodiversity of the Manu National Park)


The Manu Park. It is one of the most biodiverse regions of species on the planet, Manu we find all different ecological levels and these areas are highly protected and most appreciated in the world. In one hectare more than

260 species of trees were found. In the Manu Park Biosphere Reserve it was recorded with more than 230 species of mammals and 1100 species of birds. It also has a world record for diversity of amphibian (160) and reptile (135)

species that were recorded in this natural area of ​​the Peruvian Amazon. In the Manu Park, different diversity was recorded, such as more than 1,300 species of butterflies, 650 beetles, 136 species of dragonflies, and more than 300 species of ants.

Manu Park. It is an area with the greatest natural wealth on the planet and a wide range of biodiversity and ecosystems that make it possible to present to the world a diversified product for tourism of an intact living nature of wildlife found in this Peruvian Amazon.

Manu National Park.
Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick Reserve.
Sandoval Lake Reserve.

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