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1.- Who we are.-

Manu Jungle Trips is a company that provides unparalleled, quality tourism services. We are an award-winning company, recognized throughout the tourism industry for our service and dedication to our clients. The services offered by Manu Jungle Trips meet or exceed accepted international quality standards

We offer tours to Manu National Park to the most recognized parts of Peru. Our business is registered and licensed with the public registry. We are dedicated to serving our clients from all around the world. We attend to every detail, while making sure that all of our clients have a relaxing and exciting vacation.

Book your trip to Amazon Manu National Park through our company Manu Jungle Trips so you don’t miss out on everything that Manu Jungle Trips has to offer.

2.- Company Background.-

Our mission is to deliver more of Manu Jungle Trips. Our goal is to provide exemplary services to tourists and partner agencies to earn loyalty and respect. We invest in our employees by giving them a safe, comfortable work environment, and ensure that they understand our products, destinations and high standards of service. Through constant innovation, we strive to be a leader in our industry.

Our company, based in Cusco, was founded in 2007, and ever since we have provided unforgettable trips to Manu and other popular attractions in Peru, such as Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and other treks, adventure trips, Lake Titicaca and Puno, Colca Canyon and Arequipa, Paracas and the Nazca Lines.

3.- Product Types.-

  • Private and group tours
  • Small group tours (consisting of 2 -14 people)
  • Bus tours and boat
  • Customized vacations (Vacation Builder)
  • Custom groups and individualized packages

4.- Hours of operation:

  • Reservations Department Hours:
  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 1 PM and 3 PM – 7 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday 9 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Emergency Assistance: 24 Hours
  • Mobile Phone Number : 051 (84) 253839



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Welcome to our website! If you want to take a trip and enjoy your holidays in Peru Explore our destinations and incredible perceive their own dreams in our Amazon and the lost land of the Incas


Is characterized by an Agency Tour Operator of the Peruvian Amazon and give very detailed information of the reserves of Peru Manu National Reserve, Reserve TamboPata Candamo, Megantoni Reserve (Pongo Maynique), Pacaya Samiria Reserve ahuayo Mishana (Iquitos), the Velo de Novia (Pucallpa) give important information from sites such as Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Puno and Lake Titicaca, Arequipa Colca Canyon, Nazca Buggies and Sand boarding Lines Nazca, Paracas Ballestas Islands, HuacaChina Ica, Huánuco cave of Las Lechuzas Chiclayo, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Ayacucho, Chachapoyas, Huaraz, Tarapoto Sauce Lagoon, Ancash.


Gives all the tourist information of Peru as tourist maps with their respective gallery tours and Peru’s national parks and World Heritage Site. We also offer vacation packages and promotional tours, also reserve hotels of all categories is at your availability Manujungletrips just need to experience the magic of Peru.


Is a private site that encompasses all major private sector organizations, companies involved in developing tourism travel Peru.

Madeira Basin is the largest of the Amazon valley system and represents approximately 20% of its total area.  The Madre de Dios river is, in turn, the westernmost of the headwaters of the Madeira.


Has become the leader in providing information on the Internet and inspired about travel of interest on nature and biodiversity and archeology of living cultures in Peru, such as Expeditions, Adventure Trekking, Hiking / Eco / Culture, Fisheries, Sports and lifestyle outdoors, camping, bird watchers, and Whitewater Rafting, experiential tourism, ecotourism, etc shamanism give active and comprehensive services in Peru.


Is the leader for travelers willing to dive to biodiversity, archeology and culture, we realize that we escape from the stress experience of nature that is the sole provider of life and breathe fresh air Amazonia is source shared wildlife and home to many creatures in their natural habitat that is in the heart of Peru.


Is the provider of travel destinations in Peru activities and take them to visit the Amazon Rainforest Manu, Tambo leg, Iquitos, etc Maynique to put Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Pessac, Ollantaytambo and more.

The Amazon system has at least eight large headers in the Andean and sub-Andean regions. Because of its great system of mountain ranges oriented from north to south, Peru has the largest regions of headers.

The basin of the Madre de Dios River in Peru covers about 90 000 km2. Inside there are six sub-basins with more than 4 000 km2 surface. The Stones River is the largest, but few of its tributaries originate in the Andean region.

Biogeography – MANU JUNGLE TRIPS

The region of the headwaters of the Madre de Dios River is, without a doubt, a wonderful place for aquatic wildlife but at the same time it is also a territory conquered by man probably since his arrival to the South American continent. Humans continue to live in this region and, indeed, its population will increase over time. Overall, the valley of Madre de Dios river is a frontier for the modern man, and much of the local economy is still based on the exploitation of primary resources, such as gold and wood, none of which has proven to be feasible to provide long-term development for the region. So far, it is still unclear how the economy will evolve in the area in the coming decades, when mining and logging have declined significantly. What does seem certain, however, is that the region of Madre de Dios will become a much more internationalized area once roads that unite with Brazil and Bolivia are completed and improved.

Despite its economic problems, the Peruvian government has launched bold and ambitious programs for the establishment of some of the most important protected areas in the Amazon basin. These areas, in turn, have begun to attract the attention of scientists, ecotourists, governments and all those doomed to achieve the delicate balance between economic development and conservation of biodiversity in the long term. However, many social and economic problems facing conservation initiatives, the Madre de Dios River offers an optimistic vision for the protection of basin headwaters compared with most similar areas in the Amazon. The following pages have been designed with the aim of providing lights to these challenges and conservation needs of the headwaters of the Andean-Amazonian rivers.

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Our Certifications Manu Jungle Trips