Amazon Expedition 6 days / 5 nights


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Tours day 1: Cusco, Amazon Expedition to cloud forest, Jungle Trips

We leave Cusco early in the morning in our comfortable bus and travel through the mountains , beautiful valleys , rural communities and visit Ninamarca Chulpas (tombs ) , which belong to the pre – Inca culture ( Lupacas ) . Then walk a climb to the last mountain to Acjanaco , this place is the entrance to Manu National Park .

Fallow we will descend to the mysterious cloud forest , which has a huge variety of flora and fauna , we see this beautiful place where there epiphytes , orchids and bromeliads.

In the afternoon we start a perpetual walk through the cloud forest, where we can observe the famous Peruvian bird ” The Cock of the Rocks” with its fascinating red colors around it , acting in a mating dance ritual daily, so we like toucans, trogons , monkeys , quetzals and a lucky day see the spectacled bear of South America ” Tremantus ornatus .

” At night rest in a comfortable bed in our lodge .

Tours day 2: Amazon Expedition, Trips Atalaya, Trips Villa Salvation

On the day we have a good choice of rafting adventure 2 hours Key II or III who goes by the river of Kcosñipata to the famous Madre de Dios River.

Very early in the morning , we woke up to the chirping of birds that Amazon will have the opportunity to walk the high wooden jungle visiting local agriculture ,

such as coca, pineapple and on the road to Atalaya will appreciate and observe many colorful birds , families of monkeys with cute photo views. Once we have the border region of Cusco, coal car will cross the river and Salvation .

Afternoon visit the Machuwasi lake for 3 hours , and with the help of our telescope we can see many families of primitive birds ” hoatzin ” hawk, herons, horned screamer , world ” capybaras ” largest rodent and one day Luckily a massive anaconda. At night we rest in our lodge .

Tours day 3: Trips Salvation Pueblo, Puerto Santa Cruz, Palotoa Teparo native community

Early in the morning we will take our bus to get to the port of Santa Cruz about 2 hours journey along the scenic observe . Once we arrive we will visit the ranger station of Santa Cruz, where visitors must register at the Manu National Park to visit the Pusharo .

The journey continues in a small small small wooden boat ” 16 hp ” and then look for the campsite Palotoa after coordinate and pay admission to the native community .

It is time to look at the indigenous culture of Manu . There is at least 5 Amazonian indigenous groups recognized in the Manu . Each has its own language, its own techniques of harvesting, hunting , fishing , practice religious rituals and methods of their medicine.

These people have different degrees of contact with civilization. Palotoa Teparo is a beautiful community with a native ethnic group Matshiguenka who are participating in the market economy through tourism .

Tours day 4: Palotoa Teparo, Amazon Expedition Petroglyphs “

This day is our expedition , we left early in the morning to board our little boat and lead up to a small shallow river , in this way we have to push the boat , walking, etc. , until the Pongo de Meganto where is the high concentration of the best as the recorded singing .

These demonstrations amaze the local scientific explorers , and many foreigners who visit the manu, Pusharo area is related to the legend of the lost city PAITITI or gold of the Incas also called “El Dorado ” .

Members of the native community Palotoa Teparo Pusharo consider as ancestral territory and interaction with petroglyphs, yet until a few years as part of their rituals associated with hunting collection events within the manu national park ago.

Tours day 5:  Amazon Expedition Petroglyphs ” Palotoa lodge

After our typical early breakfast we will return to our path, we may have some hiking in the primary forest and surely enjoy the fresh poolswhere natural lens can spend time swimming , relaxing, and lunch at the Palotoa river after the fantastic time we will maintain a return to Palotoa lodge .

In the afternoon you will have the latest options to walk and see the animals in the wild , may also see alligators . We spend the last night in the jungle in our comfortable lodge in the manu .

Tours day 6: Palotoa lodge Return to Cusco

Early in the morning we will have a fresh delicious breakfast, then continue our return to the city of Cusco , on the way we stop frequently to see birds in the cloud forest . We will get back to Cusco late in the afternoon.








    Included in the Amazon Expedition 6 days:

    • A professional naturalist Tour Guide for trips;
    • Motorboat transportation;
    • Private vehicle land transportation for jungle trips;
    • Entrance to the Reserved Zone of the Manu National Park as well as to macaw clay licks;
    • A professional Cook for trips,
    • Meals: 7x breakfast, 7x lunch, 6x dinner and drinking water (Please note: vegetarian option upon request for no extra cost!);
    • Accommodation: 6 nights in lodges, 1 night in a hostel jungle;
    • First aid kit, including a poison extractor, mosquito bite treatment and an antidote for a snake bite;
    • Radio communications for jungle trips;
    • Rubber boots for trips.

    Not included in the Amazon Expedition 6 days:

    • A flight from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco nor Lima;
    • Airport departure taxes for trips;
    • Travel insurance;
    • Vaccination for jungle trips;
    • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the seventh day (in Puerto Maldonado);
    • Drinks for trips;
    • Tips to local staff jungle.

    What to take with you to the Amazon Expedition:

    • Mosquito repellent (DEET 35 recommended as a MINIMUM!!),
    • Original passport for jungle trips,
    • Small backpack for trips,
    • Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured),
    • Long cotton trousers for trips jungle,
    • Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers),
    • Comfortable walking shoes,
    • Sandals or light shoes,
    • Rain gear (e.g. rain poncho),
    • Sweater (for the beginning of the tour in Andes and the cloud forest only),
    • Swimsuits;
    • Binoculars (we also rent it),
    • Camera and its charger for trips,
    • Plastic bags to be used for clothes and a camera,
    • A hat as a protection against the Sun or rain,
    • Toiletries,
    • Small towel,
    • Toilet paper,
    • Antibacterial gel,
    • Sun cream,
    • Sunglasses for trips,
    • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries),
    • A bottled water (1 litre as a minimum),
    • Pocket money (Soles) to buy some beverages and souvenirs as well as to tip.