Amazon Explorer -Pusharo Petroglyphs 5 days


Amazon Explorer – Pusharo Petroglyphs 5 days.

The Petroglyphs of Pusharo, It is the Cultural Heritage of the Nation, which are located in the Department of Madre de Dios, in the basin of the Palotoa River that is in the reserve

of the Manu National Park satr to amazon explrer Pusahro . It was in 1921 by a Dominican father named Vicente de Cenitagoya. The Pusharo Petroglyphs are rocks

that were engraved that are found in three very different sectors at different heights that are at river level with panels that range between centimeters and more than 24 meters in length. Pusharo is located between 529 meters above sea level.


Amazon Explorer – Pusharo Petroglyphs 5 days.

1 Day: Cusco – Paradise Lodge Inn.

Today we get up early to pick you up from your hotel in the city of Cusco, we will start the tour amazon explorer in our private mobility through the Andean mountains, with very beautiful landscapes, we will make stops as in the Ninamarca

that are known as the (chullpas or tombs pre-Inca funeral homes) that belong to the .LUPACAS culture. then we will make a second stop in the town of PAUCARTAMBO. It is very colorful that they maintain their traditional

customs from there we will begin to descend to the highest point to Acjanaco, which is the entrance to the MANU NATIONAL PARK, Then we will begin to descend through the cloud forest that houses a biodiversity and a variety

of flora and fauna wild . Like epiphytes, orchids, broméalas, lichens, ferns etc. Special place to observe the National Bird of Peru (Cock of the Rocks) this bird performs a ritual dance to attract the attention of the males, we will

observe some birds and animals such as toucans, trogons, quetzals, monkeys and hopefully the spectacled bear of South America (Tremarctus ornatus) than in extinction. After this activity we will continue the trip towards our

hostel. There we will be able to freshen up with a shower and, later, they will serve us dinner before going to bed.

2 Day : Paradise Lodge Inn – Santa Cruz – Palotoa Teparo Amazon Explore.

Today After enjoying a delicious drink we will continue our excursion through the depths of the Amazon, where we board our boat or private vehicle (depending on the size of the group) traveling down a meandering Madre de

Dios River towards the checkpoint of the Manu Santa Cruz National Park, where we will have a one and a half hour trip by boat or vehicle. Place where we registered at the Manu Park checkpoint. Where our Guide will explain to

you about the native people or ethnic groups, place of inhabitation that continue to maintain their customs, their cultures and traditions that their ancestors left, that have an intact and unique lifestyle. We will visit the interaction

with the families of this ethnic group called Matsigenka.
At night night activity.

3 Day : Palotoa Community – Pusharo Petroglyphs to Amazon Explorer .

Today After our delicious breakfast we will get up very early and then we will take a 5-hour walk in the deep jungle along the trails and beaches along the Palotoa River, where we will appreciate a great variety and diversity of birds

and other species of monkeys and with the possibility of seeing big animals; Then we will arrive at PUSHAROS where we will begin to explore the different points of Recordings that have expressions that were made many

years ago that amazed, finely carved that possibly gives us a message of these riches that are found in the Amazon. In this main panel, the main God of the INCAS is very embodied, and the sun, which represents as a sign

and respect for the rising Sun, that the resplendent sun and the setting sun. At the extreme right is the profile of the Inca face, the ruler of the Inca empire, which are immense recordings that are shown on the panel and are a

challenge to decipher. PUSHARO is a Temple or a lost city that today is a rock and reveals all the secrets of the ancient civilizations of our Incas. Box lunch and return to the community of Palotoa Teparo.

In the afternoon we will return to the community of palotoa to spend the night in nocturnal activity.

4th Day: Palotoa Community – Rainforest lodge.

After we pack our things to board the boat and navigate the Madre de Dios River to the port of Santa Cruz. Then return to our hostel accommodation in their respective rooms. lunch . In the afternoon we will take walks through

the deep jungle observing the wild flora and fauna. After dinner night activity

5 Day: Rainforest Lodge-Return Cusco.

After breakfast, we will board a motor boat and travel for 10 minutes to visit the parrot and macaw clay lick, an unforgettable experience! After this activity, we will return to the lodge for breakfast. We will then re-board our

boat to begin our return journey. Our first stop will be in Puerto Atalaya, where our private vehicle will wait for us to take us back to Cusco, where we will arrive between 7 and 7:30 pm. IMPORTANT!! You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever as well as bring some malaria pills with you.


Includes in the Tour:

  • Professional naturalist guide (English and Spanish).
  •  Private bus and boat transportation with safety equipment.
  •  Entrance ticket to the Petroglyphs of PUSHARO Historical Cultural Zone of the Manu National Park
  •  Entrance ticket to the community of Palotoa Teparo
  •  Double accommodation in the lodge (overnight) and camping tents.
  •  First aid kit.
    Mineral water.
  •  Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and vegetarian option) & snack.
  •  Long rubber boots.


Does not include in the tour

  • Drinks and extra expenses.
  • Travel insurance.
  • first breakfast
  • last day dinner.

What to Bring for the Tour.

  • Light clothing with long sleeves and long pants, sandals, towel, bathing suit, medicine, shampoo and personal soap.
  •  Daily backpack and luggage backpack. Rain poncho or jacket
  • Binoculars and zoom cameras.
  •  Insect repellent at least 30% deet. Sunglasses, sunscreen and cap or hat,
  • Flashlight or lamp and sandals or shoes to walk in the river.


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