Amazon Wild Photography 5 days


Amazonas Salvajes Fotografía

  • Duración: 5 Días/4 Noches
    Tipo de servicio en la Fotografía Salvaje : Privado o Grupal
  • Ubicación: Sur del Perú, Departamento de Madre de Dios, Parque Nacional del Manu,
  • Actividades en los viajes:
  • Altitud: 400 – 3600 m.s.n.m.
  • Mejor época para visitar : mayo – diciembre
  • Salida: Todos los días
  • Mínimo de participantes en tourWild Photography : 2
  • Máximo de participantes en tours Fotografía Salvaje: 10
  • Precio por persona en selva Fotografía salvaje: USD


 Son  momentos únicos en fotografías. El itinerario bien planificado ofrece una combinación de observación de vida silvestre, exploración de senderos y momentos de relajación en medio de la selva, asegurando una aventura emocionante y enriquecedora.



Amazon Wild Photography 5 day

DAY 1. –

Cusco  Cloud Forest (1,700m.s.n.m.) .

We leave Cusco early in the morning in one of our vehicles. We will pass through interesting valleys and picturesque communities in the Amazon Wild Photography . We will visit pre Incan tombs and then we will stop in

Paucartambo, a beautiful colonial town. Here we will visit a very interesting museum. We will have a packed lunch en route. We continue to the cloud forest, an area rich with endemic species like the Spectacled Bear, the Cock of

The Rock, a variety of orchids, bromeliads and ferns etc. Take in the beautiful nature as we make our Lodge where we will spend our first night in our comfortable accommodation. manu amazon  wild  photography

DAY 2. –

Cloud Forest  (400m.s.n.m.) Rainforest Lodge  to Amazon Wild Photography

Very early we will go in search of the Cock of the Rock, the National bird of Peru, that has a very unique courtship dance. After breakfast we will continue to the small town of Pilcopata*, then to the Port of Atalaya  port at Atalaya

(500 m.a.s.l). There, we board a motorized boat to continue for about half an hour navigating on the Alto Madre  de Dios River. Along the rocky riversides, we have a great opportunity to observe the river wildlife like many birds,

turtles or sunbathing lizards. In the afternoon, we reach our next lodge – Rainforest Lodge. Then we go to explore nearby paths where we can see a big diversity of species, for example, tarantulas, ants, butterflies, some monkey

species, huge trees, erotic plants, palms, etc. After that, we return to our lodge to overnight.

  • Optional: A night walk in amazonia peru with manu jungle trips and manu national park.

Tours Day 3:

Rainforest Lodge – Parrot Clay Lick   Photography

We wake up today very early to board a motor boat taking us to a 10 minute far away clay-lick of parrots, budgerigars and aras (guacamayo) which is an unforgettable experience! After this activity, we return to the lodge

to have breakfast. Afterwards, we go for a walk following nearby Manu jungle´s paths observing its large flora & fauna biodiversity such as monkeys, birds, medicinal plants used by local people to heal various sicknesses, etc.

For lunch, we get back to the lodge to later continue to another excursion, this time to Aguas Calientes (hot springs located in the Manu National Park) There, we enjoy a hot bath providing us with energy in the afternoon we will back our lodge .

  • Optional: Night  (caiman watching) in rainforest Peru in jungle trips  wild peru

Tours Day 4:   Hot Spring  – Machuwasi Lake – Rainforest Lodge

Today, we have another opportunity to go to the parrot clay-lick to view parrots, budgerigars and guacamayos eating clay that is very important to their digestion. If we are lucky, we can also spot some big mammals like

capybaras, tapirs, anteater, monkeys, etc. We go for lunch back to the Rainforest Lodge. Afterwards, we have a short break to enjoy a refreshing bath in a river or just relax in the lodge. In the afternoon, we go to visit

Machuwasi Lake to check out a sail in “remos” (hollowed tree trunks used by natives of the area). This is a perfect way on how to watch a big diversity of local animal species such as a prehistoric bird called hoatzin, some caimans,

capybaras or monkeys Tocon (Callicebus oenanthe). Later on, we return to our lodge to spend the night.

  • Optional: A night walk in Amazonia Wild  and manu national park

Tours Day 5: 

 Rainforest Lodge to Atalaya Port Back Cusco

After breakfast, we board our motorized boat to start returning. Our first stop is in the Atalaya Port where our private vehicle awaits us to take us back to Cusco arriving there between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm.


You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever as well as to bring some anti-malaria tablets with you .


Since the last third of the 19th century, along with the process of nationalization of the Amazon, photographic technology was incorporated into the tasks of navigation, measurement and occupation of the territory, through the production, selection and exhibition of a series of mechanized images favoring «visual domestication» of the

internal border. The following work seeks to give an account of the early uses of photography by various State agencies in charge of exploration and early colonization of Amazonian border territories. The preparation and

consumption of the «official picture» of the jungle, will be discussed, i.e., those clichés produced by local political authorities (prefectures), commissions and scientific explorations entrusted by the central Government

(Ministries of Government & Promotion of Public Works), then selected for broadcast under various formats: illustrated, business publications, public exhibitions or in the periodic press.



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Included in the rainforest Wild 5 days / 4 nights:

  • Un guía turístico naturalista profesional para amazonia peru Wild Photography
  • Transporte en lancha motora;Fotografía salvaje
  • Transporte terrestre en vehículo privado para viajes a la selva;
  • Entrada a los baños termales (Parque Nacional Aguas Calientes del Manu);Fotografía Silvestre
  • Comidas: 4 desayunos, 5 almuerzos, 4 cenas y agua potable (¡Nota: opción
  • vegetariana previa solicitud sin costo adicional!); en viaje Fotografía Salvaje
  • Alojamiento: 4 noches en albergues en los viajes a la selva del Manu; Fotografía salvaje
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios durante los viajes .
  • Radiocomunicaciones para viajes a la selva;Wild .
  • Botas de goma en trek Wild Photography

Not included in the   Wildlife trips  :

  • Cualquier impuesto de salida de vuelo o aeropuerto;
  • Seguro de viaje;
  • Vacunación para viajes a la selva;
  • Desayuno el primer día y cena el último día;
  • bebidas;
  • Propinas al personal local.

Qué llevar contigo a la selva amazónica:

  • Repelente de mosquitos (¡¡DEET 35 recomendado como MÍNIMO!!),
  • Pasaporte original para viajes a la selva, fotografía salvaje
  • Mochila pequeña,Fotografía salvaje
  • Camisas de algodón de manga larga (preferiblemente de color verde), Fotografía salvaje
  • Pantalón largo de algodón,Wild Photography
  • Calcetines largos de algodón (para poner en los pantalones), Fotografía salvaje
  • Zapatos cómodos para caminar, fotografía salvaje
  • Sandalias o zapatos ligeros, Fotografía Salvaje
  • Equipo de lluvia (por ejemplo, poncho de lluvia), fotografía salvaje
  • traje de baño; fotografía salvaje
  • Prismáticos (también los alquilamos), en selva salvaje
  • Cámara y su cargador para viajes a la selva,
  • Bolsas de plástico para ropa y una cámara,
  • Un sombrero como protección contra el sol o la lluvia,
  • Artículos de aseo,
  • Toalla pequeña,
  • Papel higiénico,
  • gel antibacterial,
  • crema solar,
  • Gafas de sol,
  • Linterna (con bombilla de repuesto y pilas),
  • Una botella de agua (1 litro como mínimo),
  • Dinero de bolsillo (Soles) para comprar algunas bebidas y souvenirs así como para dar propina



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