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2023 Amazon Peru

A Thrilling Night Walk in Manu park to observe diversity of species

A Thrilling Night Walk in Manu park to ob erve diver ity of pecie Welcome to the captivating allure of the Peruvian jungle Thrilling Night Walk... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Adventure Trips Family to the Amazon Peru

Adventure Trip Family to the Amazon Peru However, it' important to plan carefully and con ider the need and intere t of all... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Ayahuasca Magic Medicine for all Types of Diseases

Amazon Ayahua ca Magic Medicine for all Type of Di ea e Amazon Ayahua ca  i a unique decoction made from a combination of plant native to... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Expedition : Alto Madre de Dios River

Amazon Expedition - Alto Madre de Dio River Alto Madre de Dio i a region in Peru, located in the Madre de Dio Department, which i part of the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Explorer -How to Get There  Manu Park

Amazon Explorer - How to Get There  Manu National  Park Getting to Manu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage ite and one of the mo t... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Native Peru Knowing Their Customs

Amazon Native Peru Knowing Their Cu tom Tour Native The Origin The origin of the native people of the America ha been traced to pre umed... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Peru -Amphibians in the Cloud Forest

AMAZON PERU - AMPHIBIANS IN THE CLOUD FOREST Amphibian are a cla of animal that - a their name indicate [Amphibia, from the Greek amphi... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Trails Anteaters Sloths : Ambling and Fascinating

Amazon Trail   Anteater Sloth : Ambling and Fa cinating The giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla) i a fa cinating and... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Travel – Why Manu Park Divided Into Three Zones

Amazon Travel - Why  Park Manu Divided Into Three Zone Free Information About to Manu Park Amazon Travel  - Manu Park, It i located in the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Trek – Bring with You for the Tours

Amazon Trek - Bring with You for the Tour What to Take With you on the Trip: • Mo quito repellent (DEET 35 recommended a a MINIMUM!!), •... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazon Wildlife -Why it Is Important to Visit Manu Park

Amazon Wildlife -Why it I Important to Vi it Manu park MANU BIOSPHERE RESERVE Manu, a UNESCO World Bio phere Re erve and World Heritage Site,... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amazonia Peru – Plants in the Cloud Forest Manu Park

Amazonia Peru -Plant in the Cloud Fore t Manu Park The Cloud Fore t peru i probably the eco y tem that ha the large t variety of plant in the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Amphibians Manu Park – Amazon Wildlife

Amphibian Manu Park - Amazon Wildlife Trip Manu National Park The Manu Bio phere Re erve i a UNESCO World Heritage Site de ignated to protect... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Birding Amazon – Peru Manu Park

Birding Amazon - Peru Manu Park For bird lover Geographical, climatic and evolutionary factor make Peru the be t place for birdwatching It ha... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Boca Manu Travel : Where Rivers Merge

Boca Manu Travel: Where River Merge BOCAMANU i a mall village located at the junction of the Alto Madre de Dio and Manu river in Peru toBoca... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Cloud Forest Mystique: Unleashing the Wildlife Within

Cloud Fore t My tique Unlea hing the Wildlife Within The pa age de cribe the unique characteri tic of cloud fore t , pecifically in the Andean... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Discover Flora and Fauna – Tambopata Reserve Center

Di cover Flora and Fauna - Tambopata Re erve Center Tambopata National Park  The nature re erve that wa mentioned in previou an wer   al o... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Discover the Magic of Acjanaco: A Jewel in the Manu Park

Di cover the Magic of Acjanaco: A Jewel in the Manu Park Acjanaco, located at the beginning of the Manu Bio phere Re erve on your route, mark the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Discovering the Enchanting Secrets of the Cloud Forest:

Di covering the Enchanting Secret of the Cloud Fore t: Cloud fore t , al o known a montane rainfore t or fog fore t , are unique eco y tem... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Experience the Magic: Your Route to Manu’s Hidden Gems

Experience the Magic: Your Route to Manu' Hidden Gem Experience the Magic: Your Route to Manu' Hidden Gem " i a captivating journey through the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Explorer the Biodiversity of Manu Jungle from Cusco

Explore the Biodiver ity of Manu Jungle from Cu co Manu Jungle, ituated in outhea tern Peru, i renowned for being one of the mo t diver e region... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Explorer the Magic Amazon Trip Peru

Explorer the Magic of the Amazon in Peru Unforgettable Tour with Amazon Trip Peru The Amazon, known a the lung of the planet  Explore the Magic... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Exploring Ecosystem through Wildlife Manu Photography

Exploring Eco y tem through Wildlife Manu Photography Manu National Park, ituated in Peru, i a captivating hub of biodiver ity boa ting over... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Exploring Ecosystems: Unveiling Ecological Levels

Exploring Eco y tem : Unveiling Ecological Level The pa age continue to di cu the ecological ignificance of the Ande Mountain and their... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Frequent Questions Amazonia Tour

Frequent Que tion Amazonia Tour Frequent Que tion Amazonia Tour -hold the world record for the greate t diver ity of pecie of bird where... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Gems of Nature – Hummingbirds in Manu National Park

Gem of Nature: Hummingbird in Manu National Park Hummingbird in Manu National Park are a captivating and e ential part of the park' eco y tem... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Giant River Otter – Manu Tour

Giant River Otter - Manu Tour Peru (pteronura bra ilien i ), the large t, rare t and mo t formidable predatory otter in the world Rainfore t tour... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Guide Amazon -Incredible Medicinal Plants

Guide Amazon -Incredible Medicinal Plant Medicinal Plant diver ity of pecie that developed in the Amazon that i unique on the planet that only... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

In Search of Elusive Beauty: Peruvian Jungle Giant Anteaters

In Search of Elu ive Beauty: Peruvian Jungle Giant Anteater Anteater , loth , and armadillo belong to the order Xenarthra ( ometime referred to... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Insect Manu Rainforest

In ect Manu Rainfore t Peru You mu t have heard that the tropic are full of na ty biting in ect manu rainfore t It i true, you will become... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Journeying Through :Nature Exploring Manu Rainforest

Journeying Through Nature Exploring Manu Rainfore t Exploring Manu Rainfore t" i an immer ive and captivating article that take reader on an... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Mammal Wonders of the Manu: Discover them

Mammal Wonder of the Manu: Di cover them Indeed, rainfore t mammal have adapted to their environment in way that make them elu ive and... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Manu Adventure – Primates Amazonia Peru

Manu Adventure - Primate Amazonia Peru There are 32 different pecie of primate in Peru The e are divided into three large taxonomical familie... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Manu Birds In the Cloud Forest

Manu Bird In the Cloud Fore t Manu National Park Area: 1,716,29522 ha / 4,241,060 acre 64 | 65 geography: Manu Park i one of the jewel of the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Manu Tours Peru – Choose Your Best Trip

Manu Tour Peru - Choo e Your Be t Trip The e tour are organized according to vi itor who have little time and wi h to vi it the Manu Park, thi... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Manu Wildlife Peru – Mammals In the Cloud Forest

Manu Wildlife Peru- Mammal In the Cloud Fore t Mammal are a cla of vertebrate that are characterized above all by the fact that mother feed... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Matsigenka Native Communities Nature Wildlife Manu Park

Mat igenka Native Communitie Nature Wildlife Manu Park Are one of the native communitie that inhabit the Manu National Park region in Peru Manu... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

New Research in the Peruvian jungle Cloud Forest

New Re earch in the Peruvian jungle Cloud Fore t The Wayqecha Biological Station open it door to carry out re earch on many other topic , uch a... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Opossums Marsupialia – Amazonia Rainforest Dwellers

Opo um Mar upialia - Amazonia Rainfore t Dweller Opo um , a group of mar upial , are often a ociated with Au tralia due to the fame of... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Orchids of Manu Park – Amazon Trip

Orchid of Manu Park - Amazon Trip In the land of Manu National Park Many time in thi guide we refer to land cape or place in without further... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Peru Amazon Dry season Rainy Season

Peru Amazon Dry ea on Rainy Sea on In the Peruvian Amazon, the be t time to take vacation depend on your preference and what you want to... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Peru Travel -12 Reasons for visit the Peruvian Jungle

Peru Travel -12 Rea on for vi it the Peruvian Jungle The Peruvian Amazon i one of the large t and mo t diver e tropical fore t in the world,... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Rainforest Expeditions – Tambopata Macaw Project

Rainfore t Expedition - Tambopata Macaw Project The Tambopata Macaw Project began in TRC at late eightie other re earcher from the Society for... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Rainforest Jungle Other Research on the Cloud Forest

Rainfore t Jungle Other Re earch on the Cloud Fore t Way Quechua biological tation of the Manu National Park jungle rainfore t, where you can... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Rainforest Peru is the Country More Butterfly Species

BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS A dedicated beauty Although Rainfore t Peru i the Country More Butterfly Specie   and moth are clo ely related and are both... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Rainforest Wildlife – Habitats Peru

Rainfore t Wildlife - Habitat Peru The highe t part of the Ande , the puna, are above treeline and are covered in dry gra land up to about... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Raw Nature’s Beauty : Landscapes of Manu Park

Raw Nature' Beauty: Land cape of Manu Park &nb p; Land cape of Manu Park" tran port vi itor to an un poiled and... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Southern Tamanduas Jungle Rainforest

Encounter with Southern Tamandua : Jungle Rainfore t Manu Park The Southern Tamandua (Tamandua tetradactyla) i a pecie of anteater found in... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Stunning Macaw Clay Lick

Stunning Macaw Clay Lick Manu Park wildlife Munn' on-going tudy of ome of the world' large t and mo t endangered of parrot -the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Tambopata Macaw Clay lick Chuncho

Tambopata Macaw Clay lick Chuncho Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick Chuncho, al o known a the Chuncho Macaw Clay Lick, i a popular natural pectacle and... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

The Epic Journey: Connect Two Worlds in the Manu Jungles

The Epic Journey: Connect Two World in the Manu Jungle In the di tant pa t, a depleted expedition ventured into the unknown territory urrounding... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

The largest rodent in South America Capybara- Ecological Manu Nature

The large t rodent in South America Capybara- Ecological Manu Nature The capybara (Hydrochoeru hydrochaeri ) i indeed the large t rodent in South... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

The Mysteries Stories of the Manu Biosphere

The My terie torie of the Manu Bio phere The My terie torie of the Manu Bio phere Re erve in Peru, particularly it connection to the Inca... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

The Valley of Kñosnipata Manu Nature Ecological

The Valley of Kño nipata Manu Nature Ecological The Valley of Kño nipata, known a Kño nipata in Quechua, i a valley located at an elevation of... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Travel Guide -Where is the Manu Reserve located

Travel Guide  - Where i the Manu Re erve located It i a natural pace that i highly protected by the government and i located in the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Tropical Rainforest – Glossary of Terms

Tropical Rainfore t - Glo ary of Term Tropical - Adaptación: phy iological or behavioral characteri tic of an organi m that allow it to live... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Uncharted Waters: The Manu River Expedition.

Uncharted Water : The Manu River Expedition In late July 1896, the fir t team hip to enter the Uncharted Water : The Manu River Expedition, the... Leer más
2023 Amazon Peru

Woodland Wayquecha Biological Station

Woodland Wayquecha Biological Station  are unique vegetation complexe that are located in area characterized by the per i tent or frequent... Leer más

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