Lodge in Manu National Park

Lodge in Manu National Park with Manu Jungle Trips

Pilcopata Lodge in Manu National Park

Machiguenga Lodge in Manu National Park

Dorado Lodge in Manu National Park

What is the Manu National Park in Peru?

Founded in 1973, the Manu National Park is one of the most emblematic areas of the country. Its exuberant figures of biodiversity have favored that it is commonly retrado like a Living Eden, an “Amazonia far from the civilization and all human transformation”. But, far from being uninhabited, the Manu harbors a dynamic occupation of almost 2,300 people belonging to five ethnic groups. Why, if the initial policy that dictated the relocation of the populations outside the Park was never fulfilled, does Manu continue to be imagined as a “virgin” paradise without humans? This investigation starts from this contradiction seeking to reconstruct the relationship between the imaginaries of nature and indigeneity, and the ways of conserving / governing this protected area. Based on an ethnographic work, which had as a research subject the State and associated actors, of a duration of three months divided between 2011 and 2012 Manu Jungle Trips.