Manu Expeditions palotoa 8 days


Highlights of the Manu Expeditions Palotoa 8-Day Tour

Day 1: Cusco to Paucartambo, Ninamarca, Cloud Forest to Pilcopata

  • Ninamarca Burial Towers: Explore the pre-Inca burial towers of Ninamarca, offering a glimpse into ancient history.
  • Paucartambo: Immerse yourself in the culture and folklore of this charming town with a short walk, meeting the friendly locals.
  • Acjanaco: Climb to the highest point, the entrance to Manu National Park, and venture into the captivating cloud forest.
  • Cock-of-the-Rock: Witness the mesmerizing display of Peru’s national bird and encounter various monkeys, plants, and flowers.
  • Pilcopata: Conclude your day in this picturesque town, where you’ll rest in a local lodge.

Day 2: Pilcopata Atalaya to Manu Expeditions Palotoa

  • Coca Plantation: Learn about the cultivation of coca and its cultural significance.
  • Aguas Calientes: Relax in natural hot springs in the midst of the jungle.
  • Shintuya Native Community: Interact with the locals, gaining insights into their traditional way of life.
  • Jungle Exploration: Embark on a jungle walk to observe an array of animals, birds, plants, and flowers.
  • Caiman Watching: Take an evening adventure to spot caimans at an oxbow lake.

Day 3: Community Palotoa Expeditions to Inchipato

  • Inchipato River: Explore the pristine jungle and witness animals in their natural habitat, along with various flowers and medicinal plants.

Day 4: Rainforest Inchipato Trail River to Amazonia Manu Expeditions Palotoa

  • Fishing and Swimming: Enjoy fishing in the river and take a refreshing swim.
  • Caiman Quest: Embark on an exciting evening quest to catch caimans and set up camp by the river.

Day 5: Trekking Expeditions Inchipato to River – Manu Expeditions Palotoa

  • Flora and Fauna: Traverse scenic trails, discovering the rich diversity of flora and fauna.
  • Mammal Clay Lick: Visit a mammal clay lick, providing opportunities for unique wildlife sightings.

Day 6: Jungle Expeditions to Community Manu Expeditions Palotoa

  • Petroglyphs of Pusharo: Explore the strictly preserved petroglyphs, showcasing the region’s cultural heritage.
  • Native Communities: Interact with indigenous communities and return by balsa raft to your campsite.

Day 7: Amazing Salvacion Lake – Manu to Manu Expeditions Palotoa

  • Alto Madre Dios River: Journey to Salvacion Lake, where you’ll witness prehistoric Hoatzin birds and enjoy balsa raft rides.
  • Bonfire BBQ: Conclude the day with a memorable evening by the river, featuring a bonfire BBQ.

Day 8: Manu Expeditions Palotoa Community Salvacion to Back to Cusco

  • Parrot Clay Lick: Begin the day with a visit to the parrot clay lick, witnessing a stunning natural spectacle.
  • Return to Cusco: After breakfast, return to Atalaya by boat and travel back to Cusco via the scenic cloud forest and Paucartambo.

National Park  – Peru

  • Creation May : 29, 1973
  • Extension :1716 295 .22 Hectares
  • Location : Regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios

Core area of the Biosphere Reserve.


1025 : species of Birds
221 : Species of Mammals.
1307 : Butterfly Species .
8     : Species of Wild Felines .
15   : Primate Species .
27   : Species of Psittacines .
155  :Reptile Species .
300  : Species of Ants .
650  :Species of Beetles


Manu Expeditions palotoa 8 days

Tours Day 1:

Cusco to Paucartambo ,ninamarca  cloud forest to  Pilcopata .

We ll leave from Cusco by private bus to start  the Manu Expeditions palotoa , first stopping some place the pre Inca burial towers of Ninamarca. We will then drive through the mountains to get to the typical and folkloric town of Paucartambo. Here we will take a short walk around the town where we meet the typical customs of the people

after we can start to climb to Acjanaco, the highest point and entrance to Manu National Park. From here we will continue into the cloud forest and on to San Pedro, where we will walk for around 1 hour to observe the National Bird of Peru, the Cock-of-the-Rock and many different kinds of monkeys, plants and flowers. We arrive at

Pilcopata in the evening where we will sleep in a local lodge. The 1st night in the expeditions .

Tours Day 2:

Pilcopata Atalaya to Manu Expeditions palotoa .

Today After breakfast we will take our private bus to port Atalaya. On the way we will stop to observe a coca plantation and we will also stop at a view point where you can look out over the surrounding expanse of jungle and

rivers. From Atalaya we take a motorized boat to Aguas Calientes, where we can bathe in the natural hot springs. In the afternoon we will return up river to Palotoa, stopping to visit the native community, Shintuya, on the way. In the afternoon we will walk in the jungle for several hours in order to appreciate the many different kinds of

animals, birds, plants and flowers. If we are lucky we will see monkeys. In the evening we will walk to an oxbow lake to catch caimans and then return to the campsite for dinner where we sleep in tents at Palotoa campsite close to the Alto Madre de Dios River.

Tours Day 3:

  Community  Palotoa  Expeditions to Inchipato

After breakfast we will go on an expedition to the Inchipato river. On the way we will appreciate the pristine jungle, many kinds of animals in their natural environment, different kinds of flowers, medicinal plants, etc. The 3rd night in the  rainforest expeditions.

Tours Day 4 :

Rainforest  Inchipato Trail River to Amazonia Manu Expeditions palotoa .

After breakfast we will walk for several hours. We will go fishing in this river and enjoy a good swim in the afternoon. In the evening we will go to try to catch caiman. We will set up camp close to the river. The 4th night rainforest expeditions.

Tours Day 5:

 Trekking Expeditions   Inchipato to River – Manu Expeditions palotoa .

After breakfast we will explore trails where we will appreciate everything from flora to fauna until we reach the Palotoa river. In the evening we will visit the mammal clay lick and then return to our campsite. The 5th night

Tours Day 6:

 Jungle Expeditions  to   Community Manu Expeditions palotoa 

Petro glyphs of PUSHARO (Strictly preserves in a natural area) ,This day our group will go until the petro glyphs of Pusharo. There we will make our camp and after breakfast we will walk to several of our native communities. We will then return by balsa raft to our campsite. The 6th night

Tours Day 7:

Amazing Salvacion Lake -Manu to Manu Expeditions palotoa 

This day we will return by the Alto Madre Dios River to Salvacion lake where to see prehistoric Hoatzin birds and ride balsa rafts all afternoon. We then will return to our campsite in the evening and make a bonfire for a BBQ. This will be our last night camping close to river Alto Madre de Dios. The 7th night

Tours Day 8:

Manu Expeditions palotoa Communiti  Salvacion to Back to Cusco

This day we will get up early in the morning to visit the parrot clay lick. After breakfast we will return to Atalaya by boat where our private bus will be waiting to us take back to Cusco. We return to Cusco via the cloud forest and Paucartambo. We will arrive back in Cusco in the late afternoon.

NOTE :Manu Expeditions palotoa 

Rainforest Expeditions . About the palotoa community. This community located on the banks of the Palotoa River and which belongs to a Linguistic Ethnic Group called Arawak, which is from the Matsiguenka ethnic group, has an approximate altitude of 450 meters above sea level. and reaches an accessible topography, of the natural spaces that are the anthropic

effects are minimal, this sighting of wild flora and fauna is at the highest. It has a craft that is very elaborated naturally from plants, vegetable fibers, seeds and jungle roots. These are very important in the elaboration of bracelets, necklaces and fabrics, among other works. Their elaboration of typical clothing of this ethnic family is

called the (kushmas) they are distinguished by their differences in the fabric in the design, very colorful men who have (horizontal lines) women and (vertical lines).

Activities of the ethnic family group such as hunting, fishing and gathering that is carried out in a traditional way that they have practiced for many years, gathering; It all depends on the times of fruition, such as the rainy season, that an enormous number of edible species abound. amazon expeditions .

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Tour Included to Manu Park 8 days:

  • Private bus and boat for jungle trips
  • Rubber boots and rain poncho for jungle expeditions
  • All camping equipment for jungle expeditions
  • Native Guide for trips jungle
  • Mineral water for trips expeditions
  • First aid kit for trips
  • Cook for trips
    3 meals per day for jungle trips expeditions .
  • Entrance to Palotoa Ecological Reserve to rainforest expeditions
  • Entrance to Pusharo Reserve zone to amazon expeditions
  • Entrance to Natural hot springs. wildlife expeditions .


You Need to Bring for manu park 8 days:

  • Sleeping bag for amazonia expeditions.
  • Repellent with a minimum of 15% deet for trips expeditions.
  • Binocular for trips jungle
  • Camera with extra batteries for rainforest jungle expeditions.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries for trips
  • Sun lotion for trips expeditions.
  • Pocket money for jungle expeditions .
  • Daypack for  amazonia expeditions .
  • Water bottle for  expeditions
  • Sun hat for expeditions
  • Sandals for expeditions  rainforest
  • Toilet paper for trips jungle peruvian expeditions
  • Dark clothes for trips jungle peruvian expeditions



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