Manu Explorers Amazon Trails 5d/4n


Manu Explorers Amazon Trails 5d/4n

People choose Amazon adventure trips for various reasons, including ecotourism, responsible and sustainable tourism practices that promote conservation and support local communities.

  • Length in the trips pervian  : 5 days/4 nights
  • Type of service  : Private or Group Jungle explorers
  • Location : Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department,  National Park, peru explorers, .
  • Activities in the trip : Culture Zone, Parrot Clay Lick, Machuwasi Lake, Rainforest Walk, Hot Spring, trek  explorers
  • Altitude   : 400 – 3,600 m.a.s.l.
  • Best time to visit : May – October
  • Departure  : Every day
  • Minimum of participants    : 2
  • Maximum of participants : 8
  • Price per person: USD


Manu Explorers Amazon Trails 5d/4n

Tours Day 1:  Manu Explorers Amazon Trails – Cusco to Pilcopata

We will leave from Cusco in our private expedition van, and drive all day through to manu explorers amazon trails . The bus stops frequently during the trip, to permit short visits to small Andean towns (the Inca- towers of Ninamarca, and the colonial village of Paucartambo). Then, we  climb up to 3900 meters, to then dive into the Manu Reserve. Here is where the exploration of the incredible range of cloud forest habitats, with all there different species, starts. We will be able to see orchids,

primitive ferns ,national bird the cock of the rock, and hopefully the wooly monkey. In the evening we are arriving  to the village of Pilcopata, where we are  stay in a typical lodge – amazonia explorers  trips

Tours Day 2:  Rianforest Explorers  – Pilcopata to Amarakaerie Lodge -Manu Explorers Amazon Trails 

Today, after breakfast we´ll still have a one and a half hour ride to Atalaya, where we´ll take our boat. From here we continue in the motorized boat sailing down the Alto Madre de Díos River. Along the riverbanks we can see the prehistoric Hoatzin, some Caimans, Capybaras, Titi Dusky monkeys, and different species of birds. We´ll also have the opportunity to stop in Aguas Calientes near Shintuya Native Community for lunch.

Here it is possible to enjoy a natural hot bath. Early afternoon we take our boat down river to Alto Madre de Dios after arrive Amarakaeri Lodge. Afternoon where we  are looking for some species into de forest after that  return our lodge and spend the night in rooms with comfortable beds with mosquito nets in the Lodge.  rainforest explorers

Tours Day 3:  Explorers Jungle Trips  – Amarakaerie Lodge to Blanco River Camp and Manu Explorers Amazon Trails 

We will get up very early and then take our breakfast where we  start to explore the deeper jungle. Here we will have the opportunity to find a wide array of creatures, which live more hidden in the Jungle the first stop to Aguas Negras after that take our lunch and then we ll continue the trail .Arriving to Rio Blanco where we   spent of night in our campsite after dinner optional night walk. in the  trips  explorers

Tours Day 4: Explorers Blanco River Camp to Madre De Dios River Camp  .

Today get up early waiting the first day lights we  start to looking for some creature and mammals like primates start to look for the daily food after that we can Back our camp for breakfast and then we will leave to hiking through primary Jungle we  will be able to hear various sounds of the Amazonian and chance to see some .animals ,largest rodent the world’ , the Capybara, and many diversity of species they are hidden in the forest rainforest explorers.

After. we start Back to the camp and time to pack our personal camping things and start to walk back to Amarakeire Lodge. We  arrive approximately to the Lodge in the afternoon. all this, where we will take our boat waiting us for the ride back by the River alto Madre de Dios and continue further upriver to camp on the beach for this night. jungle explorers

After dinner we will build a bonfire which we can sit around listening to the great stories of the jungle and relax. amazonia explorers

Tours Day 5: explorers  Camp River Madre De Dios / Back to Cusco:

Our boat stopping in Aguas calientes .and then we continue to Atalaya port, where our vehicle we are   awaiting us for the ride back to Cusco, to be back in the late afternoon or the evening . Explorers amazon explorers .



The adult scarlet macaw, measured from head to tail, is 85 cm long and weighs 1200 g. Additionally the lengths of its wing and long pointed tail are 41 cm and 53 cm respectively (Renton, 2000). The males have slightly longer tails and

larger bills than the females. As depicted in  its hooked upper mandible is white and lower black. The scarlet macaw’s face is white and lacks feather lines. It has a mostly scarlet plumage, yellow median upper coverts and blue flight

feathers on its wings. The outer feathers of the tail are tipped blue (Hilty and Meyer de Schauensee, 2003). Two toes of the scarlet macaw are positioned forwards and the other two backwards, hence it has zygodactylous feet in chuncho lodge tambopata amazonia explorers .

ECOLOGY. The very conspicuous scarlet macaws can be found throughout Central and South America inhabiting humid forests peru nature , especially along waterways, savannahs and open woodlands (Inigo- Elias, 2010). The

canopies of these forests amazon  provide nesting cavities, water and diverse crops of wild nuts, fruits and flowers. They have also been observed eating large quantities of clay at river banks and cliffs (Henderson et al. 2010, Attenborough 1998) around  chuncho lodge  finding in the rainforest explorers .


According to Renton (2000) scarlet macaws in peru nature explorers  are found in bonded pairs or small family groups comprising both parents and one or two fledged young. But they can form flocks of 20-30 individuals during feeding. Dominance hierarchy is characteristic of scarlet macaw flocks. The higher- ranking scarlet macaw will exert  behaviours such as beak gape, peck threat, wing flapping, rushing and flight



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Tour Included  jungle Explorers Trails 5 days:

  • Professional naturalist guide for trips
  • Private bus and boat transport .
  • Entrance fees to reserve zone
  • Cook for trips
  • All food (vegetarian on request) and drinking water .
  • Camping equipment and Lodge accommodation.
  • First Aid Kit, extractor (for poison)
  • Radio communication for trips.

Tour Not Included  rainforest Explorers 5 days:

  • Binocular .
  • Alcoholic drinks .

Things you should bring for the  Explorers  Trails:

  • Mosquito Repellent .
  • Long Sleeved shirts (cotton is better) .
  • cotton Socks for trip peruvian .
  • Sandals
  • Rain Gear
  • Long pants .
  • Bathing suit for jungle trips
  • Hiking shoes jungle
  • Binoculars (you can also rent them from)
  • Camera and films (400 and 200 ASA)
  • Plastic Bags for clothes and camera etc.
  • Personal Things (soap, toilet paper. towel etc.)
  • Hat (or Handkerchief)
  • Sun Blocker, sun glasses .
  • Sleeping bag (can also be rented).



Day 1: Cusco to Pilcopata in the Cloud Forest – Manu Explorers Amazon Trails  –

We commence our journey from Cusco in a private expedition vehicle and spend the day exploring. Along the way, we make stops to visit small Andean villages, such as the Inca Towers of Ninamarca and the picturesque colonial town of Paucartambo. We then ascend to 3,900 meters to immerse ourselves in the Manu Reserve. Here begins our exploration of the diverse cloud forest, with sightings of orchids, primitive ferns, the national bird, the cock-of-the-rock, and, if we’re lucky, the howler monkey. In the afternoon, we reach Pilcopata, where we stay in a typical lodge.

Day 2: Pilcopata to the Manu Expedition – Manu Explorers Amazon Trails  .

After breakfast, we have a one-and-a-half-hour journey to Atalaya, where we board a boat. We navigate the Upper Madre de Dios River, observing prehistoric Hoatzin birds, some caimans, capybaras, dark titi monkeys, and various bird species along the riverbanks. We also have the opportunity to stop near the native community of Shintuya for lunch and a natural hot bath. In the afternoon, we continue downstream to reach Amarakaeri Lodge, where we explore the jungle and spend the night in comfortable rooms.

Day 3: Hike in Amarakaeri – Camping at Rio Blanco .

We rise early to explore the deep jungle. During the hike, we have the opportunity to encounter a wide variety of creatures that live hidden in the jungle. We make our first stop at Aguas Negras and then have lunch before continuing the journey. We arrive at Rio Blanco, where we spend the night in a campsite with an optional nighttime hike.

Day 4: Rio Blanco Camping – Amazon Adventure Trip

Today, we wake up early to witness the first light of day and begin searching for creatures, especially the primates that start their daily foraging. After breakfast, we venture into the primary forest, where we listen to various Amazonian sounds and have the chance to spot animals, including the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara, and a wide array of species hidden in the forest. Later, we return to the campsite to pack our personal belongings and start our walk back to Amarakaeri Lodge. We arrive at the lodge in the afternoon and board our boat, which is waiting for us for the journey back up the Upper Madre de Dios River to camp on the beach for the night.

Day 5: Camping at Rio Madre de Dios / Return to Cusco

Our boat stops at Aguas Calientes, and from there, we continue to the Atalaya port, where our vehicle awaits us for the return journey to Cusco, with an expected arrival in the late afternoon or evening.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Explorers Amazonia Trails 5 days:  

In 1909, Dominican missionaries at the mission of San Luis del Manu located where Boca Manu Explorers Amazon Trails now standsheard about a rubber tapper who led a correría, or Indian raid, up the Palotoa (Pantiacolla) River The latter is an affluent that empties into the upper Madre de Dios River near Shintuya. The rubber tapper, it was said, found an outcrop of rock alongside the Palotoa onto which were sculpted innumerable “gothic” letters. Years later, in 1921, when the Manu Explorers Amazon Trails mission was abandoned and a new one founded among the scattered Machiguenga Indians along the Palotoa, the same Dominican missionaries who had heard the story about “gothic” letters finally went to look for them. Led by three Machiguenga guides, the Dominican friars Jesús Broca and Vicente Cenitagoya, and a priest, José Rodríguez, arrived by canoe at a large, smoothly-polished side of stone along the “Pongo de Mercanto,” a local name for a spot of rapids on the Palotoa River. Very impressed, the three Dominicans got out of the canoe and began examining the rock face, which appeared to be incised with animal and human like figures as well as with innumerable small markings.

The missionaries interpreted the markings to be a mixture of oriental and gothic scripts after spending hours examining the rock face and carefully making drawings, the missionaries decided that they had finally deciphered certain “panels,” or groupings of designs. One, they believed it showed the biblical Creation. Another, the Temptation of Eve. Still another, they were fairly certain, depicted the Virgin and her Son. And so on. Satisfied with their results, the missionaries departed, never realizing that they had just participated in a natural Rorschach test standard psychological examination in which a patient is asked to describe what he or she sees in a series of ink blots. The patterns that emerge are thought not to be inherent in the ink blots but, rather, represent patterns already present in the patient’s mind.

The real meaning and origin of the Pusharo Petroglyphs remain a mystery. Isolated stones and outcroppings throughout the Manu Explorers  Amazon Trails region are scarred with similar inscriptions and unintelligible designs. They may be hundreds, or even thousands, of years old. Obviously, they were inscribed by cultures long since extinct, as current ones have no knowledge of either their meaning or their creators. Whether these carvings will ever be correctly interpreted is debatable.

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