Manu Explorers to Puerto Maldonado 8d/7n

MANU EXPLORERS TO PUERTO MALDONADO 8 days:  He became side-tracked in New Orleans as a river-boat pilot instead. The irony, however, is that were Twain to visit the Mississippi River today, he would scarcely recognize it. The rural America of small towns and riverboats has given way to sky­scrapers and steel girders. Had twain postponed his visit to the department of Madre de Dios, however the area that, “owing to difficulties,” had not yet been thoroughly explorers  he would have found much the same jungle from tier as in the mid 1800’s. Long a backwater to the rest of the world, change has only recently come to the upper Amazon manu explores . In the last few decades for the manu national park, how­ever, the rate of change has been enormous for jungle trips peruvian: what one sees today may well be unrecognizable in as little as 20 years jungle peruvian.

The main reasons for this are population growth and the inequitable dis­tribution of land. Two thousand years ago the earth was inhabited by an esti­mated 250 million human beings, most of whom practiced agriculture for a living. In Twain’s day that population had grown to a billion and industrializa­tion had begun. Today, in the midst of a “fourth wave” of industrialization, there are slightly more than 5 billion people. In forty years there will be five billion more in manu explorers to puerto maldonado.

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  • Length: 8 Days /7 Nights ;
  • Type of service: Private or Group ;
  • Location: Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department, Manu National Park ;
  • Activities:  Manu National Park , Manu Explorers,  Cusco to Cloud forest Lodge, San Pedro Andean Montains, Rainforest Lodge, Called Native House (Casa Matsiguenka), Maquisapayoj Lodge,   Macaw Clay Lick, Tapir Lick, Puerto, Cusco, jungle trips
  • Altitude: 400 – 3,600 m.a.s.l.
  • Best time to visit: April – December ;
  • Departure: Every Day  ;
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Maximum of participants: 10
  • Price per person:


manu national park zone reserve jungle trips



Tours Day 1: Manu Explorers – Cusco to Cloud forest Lodge (San Pedro)

Tours Day 2: Manu Explorers – Cloud Forest (San pedro Andean Montains) to Rainforest Lodge

Tours Day 3: Manu Explorers – Rainforest Lodge Called Native House (Casa Matsiguenka)

Tours Day 4: Manu Explorers – Native House Matsiguenka

Tours Day 5: Manu Explorers – House Matsiguenka to Maquisapayoj Lodge

Tours Day 6: Manu Explorers – Maquisapayoj to Macaw Clay Lick and Tapir Lick

Tours Day 7: Manu Explorers – Maquisapayoj Back to Puerto Carlos Port and Cusco

Tours Day 8: Manu Explorers – Tambopata por Puerto Maldonado Flight From Cusco or Lima



Manu Explorers to Puerto Maldonado 8d/7n

Tours Day 1.- Manu Explorers – Cusco to Cloud forest Lodge (San Pedro):

6:00 am leaving in a private bus stopping in interesting [colorful]places like Ninamarcas Chullpas these are pre-Inca cemetery. The trip will be around 9 hours approximately, the highest pass on this road is 4000 msl. On this day we travel over the Andes and over the famous cloud forest which has interesting flora and fauna like de Andean Cock of the Rock Peru’s national bird. In the afternoon we arrive to San Pedro. We will spend the night in a Lodge in double rooms . Optional night walk.

Tours Day 2.- Manu Explorers – Cloud Forest (San pedro Andean Montains) to Rainforest Lodge:

5:00 am we go to the lick to observe the display of the male Andean cock of the Rocks. After the show we come back for breakfast and explore slowly looking for woolly monkey, brown capuchin, quetzals, toucans which inhabit the cloud forest. Later we continue our trip by bus to Atalaya. From Atalaya we will make rafting . in balsa rafts which are made from balsa wood . We spend the night in the rustic Soga de Oro Lodge with private bathroom and hot shower. Optional night walk.

Tours Day 3.- Manu Explorers – Rainforest Lodge Called Native House (Casa Matsiguenka):

We leave very early to see the parrot lick which is located ten minutes down river from the lodge. After the show we continue with our boat trip for approximately 10 hours inside the Manu National Park. During the boat ride we have the best options to see the famous Jaguar, Capybaras, Caimans sleeping on the beach, Herons fishing at the edge of the Manu and alto Madre de Dios rivers, Macaws, Toucans, Vultures, Eagles and other species of birds which will show up along our trip.We spend the night in the rustic casa Matsiguenka shared bathroom and shower. Optional night walk.

Tours Day 4.- Manu Explorers – Native House Matsiguenka:

We leave very early to explore the impressive lake Salvador where it is possible to observe the Giant river otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), and the biggest black Caimans, the different species of monkeys which inhabit Manu (13 species), the prehistoric bird call Hoatzin, King Fishers and many more species.After lunch we visit lake Otorongo, here there is an observation tower to appreciate the lake , also it is possible to observe another family of Giant river Otter that uses this lake. We spend the night in the rustic casa Matsiguenka shared bathroom and shower. Optional night walk.

Tours Day 5.- Manu Explorers – House Matsiguenka to Maquisapayoj Lodge:

We will leave very early so we can have the best chance to try to see the rarest Jaguar, the best time to observe animals on the rain forest are early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The trip on the boat will be around 7 hours down the Manu and Madre de Dios river. We spend the night at the Maquisapayoj lodge private bathroom and hot shower. Optional night walk.

Tours Day 6.- Manu Explorers – Maquisapayoj to Macaw Clay Lick and Tapir Lick :

4:00 am we leave to go to the macaw clay lick, the trip is 40 minutes by boat and 15 minutes walking to the special observation hide. The activity begins around 5:50 am with the small parrots and later the big macaws. The Parrots eat the clay which has minerals that helps the stomach digestion that is the reason why hundreds of parrots parakeets and macaws come to this particular place.

After lunch we walk through primary rain forest for 1.40 hours to the Tapir lick; here there is an especial observation platform to see the Tapir (Tapirus terrestris). The tapirs are usually active at night for this reason we have mosquito nets, mattresses and blankets to spend the night.

Tours Day 7.- Manu Explorers – Maquisapayoj Back to Puerto Carlos Port and Cusco:

Early in the morning we start with our return trip to Cusco, first by boat to Colorado village and then by car to Puerto Carlos, after crossing the Inambari River we star with the minibus to Cusco. Arriving to Cusco late in the afternoon . For the people who want to fly, we continue our trip to Puerto Maldonado two more hours. We spend the night in a hostal with private bathroom and shower. Dinner by your own.

Tours Day 8.- Manu Explorers – Tambopata por Puerto Maldonado Flight From Cusco or Lima:

Breakfast included in the hostel, after transfer to the airport for your trip to Cusco or Lima.



Included in This Trips manu Explorers to puerto maldonado 8 days:

  • Professional naturalist guide with telescope.
  • Birding guide on request for jungle trips.
  • Private boat and bus transport for jungle trips.
  • Entrance fees to Macaw clay lick.
  • Tapir lick, Salvador & Otorongo Lakes.
  • Cook & food (vegetarian on request) and drinking water.
  • Camping equipment and Lodging for jungle trips.
  • First Aid Kit, extractor (for poison)
  • Bite Away for mosquito bites
  • Antidote for snake bite
  • Radio communication for jungle trips and manu explorers.
  • Rubber boots

Not Included in Manu Explorers to puerto maldonado 8 days:

  • Binocular for jungle trips.
  • Round trip airport tax.
  • Alcoholic drinks etc.
  • Last dinner in Puerto Maldonado

Things you Should bring for the Manu Explorers to puerto maldonado:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Cotton socks (long enough to put them over your pants)
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sandals or light shoes to change
  • Rain gear (rain poncho is ok)
  • Sweater ( for Andes and cloudforest)
  • Long pants
  • Binoculars (you can also rent them)
  • Camera and films (400 and 200 ASA) & extrabatteries
  • Camera charger
  • Plastic bags for clothes and camera etc.
  • Personal things
  • Hat (or handkerchief)
  • Sun blocker, sun glasses
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries)
  • Water bottle ( min. 1 l)
  • Day pack
  • Original passport
  • Money (Soles) for soft drinks, handicrafts and tips

Note: Please consider that Manu flights might be changed or – rarely – even be canceled due to weather conditions or maintenance. Therefore please make sure that you don’t book your connecting flights the day after returning from Manu Explorers.



Lodge Manu National Park




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Confirmed departures of the Manu National Park – Tour jungle trips:

Manu Tikari Lodge in Jungle Trips
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Manu Rainforest Lodge in Jungle Trips

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Departures every day minimum 2 persons

As human populations increase, natural habitats have a tendency to wither in their path. This is especially true of the tropics, where nature’s exu­berance contrasts with its fragility. Since Twain’s time, more than half of the world’s rainforests have been permanently removed from the face of the planet. What’s left now occupies less than 6% of the earth’s total land sur­face. At present rates of destruction, much of the remainder is soon slated to disappear.In Peru, the largest destructive force in the Amazon  manu explorers has been that of the un managed influx of peasants from the Andes and the coast. Since the 1960’s, both military and civilian governments have viewed the eastern in manu explorers to puerto maldonado.

Andean slopes and the amazon basin as an el dorado of unexploited natural resources government leaders have encouraged peasant migrations believing that the development of this region would provide a politically pain less solution to land hunger in the Andes, migration of the rural poor to the coastal cities, and the need to populate remote border regions to defend national sovereignty. As an inducement, the government offered free land and financed the construction of a “marginal highway,a road paralleling the Andes to the east which the government hoped would open up the rainfor­est to colonization and industry.

The idea of settling Peru’s Amazon manu explorers , however, ignored reality: less than 5% of its soil is suitable for agriculture. This was a fact often obscured by the illusory nature of the Amazon itself long a symbol of seemingly unprece­dented fertility. European explorers accustomed to temperate climates where forests are rooted in deep, loamy soils quite naturally drew the con­clusion that tropical soils must even be richer. They were wrong, however. In Europe, where roughly 75% of all nutrients are stored in the soils and 25% in the trees in manu explorers.

These Trips will let you know the history of the Tambopata Reserve, one of the most beautiful and iconic places where wildlife still exists within the manu explorers. In Tambopata Reserve is the headwaters of the Amazon manu explorers River fourteenth largest tributary: the mighty river Madeira, after 3,200 miles of route joins the Amazon, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon manu explorers River is the longest river in the world, is the largest freshwater ecosystem of the world and contains one-fifth of the planet’s fresh water. This reserve is also located near Lake Titicaca in Puno, the highest navigable lake in the world.