MANU PARK – CULTURE ZONE.- Manu National Park, one of the biggest protected areas in the world, is home to the some of the greatest biodiversity and the greatest biomass in the world. The park boasts over 1,000 species of birds and 200 species of mammals. Including the biosphere reserve (Manu National Park, Reserved Zone, and Cultural Zone), Manu spans across a variety of habitats, from the Andean cloud forests to the humid lowland rainforests. Many magnificent creatures inhabit Manu’s rich ecosystem, including Jaguars, Pumas, Spectacled Bears, Tapirs, Anacondas, and Harpy Eagles. A generous amount of butterflies and plants inhabit Manu’s different bioregions.

In 1973, the Peruvian government established Manu as a park protecting the great biodiversity living in it. In 1977, Manu National Park became a Biosphere Reserve. Then, in 1987, UNESCO declared Manu a World Natural Heritage Site. Protecting countless numbers of species of animals and plants, and a plethora of different habitats, Manu truly is “a living eden.


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MANU NATIONAL PARK RESERVE CENTER . Visiting Manu : Some 5,000 visitors make the trip to Manu each year, roughly 5% being dedicated birders. On a typical 2–3 week trip covering all altitudes, birders accompanied by experienced leaders regularly record 550–650 species. There is something for everyone at Manu. Some birders start early, finish late and ‘bird until they drop’. Others come for a relaxed birding holiday, staying at comfortable lodges, visiting macaw licks (called collpas), paddling on oxbow lakes ...
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MANU NATIONAL PARK Highlights of a typical tour: A typical Manu trip starts from Cusco at 3,300 m.a.s.l., crosses the last Andean mountain range, drops down the eastern slope of the Andes into the lowland Amazon forests, and returns by air from the frontier town of Puerto Maldonado to Lima or Cusco. Cusco is a major hub for exploring Inca culture, most famously at the ruins of Machu Picchu, and for adventure sports (so there is plenty to interest a ...
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MANU NATIONAL PARK RESERVE CENTER Nowhere is amazing diversity more evident than in the tropical and temperate forests and associated habitats of the Reserva Biosfera de Manu (hereafter called Manu Biosphere Reserve, the name by which most birders know it) in the southeast of Peru.  The Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of nearly 1.9 million ha, comprised of the Manu National Park, associated multiple‑use zones and native community lands. Manu lies on the eastern slope of the Andes ...
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OUR LODGE IN MANU CULTURE ZONE – MANU NATIONAL PARK Peru has a centralized system of government. The country covers an area of 128 million hectares and has a population of approximately 29 million. With 83 “life zones” and rich biological diversity, it is identified as one of the world’s 17 “megadiverse countries” – Manu Culture Zone. Peru is divided longitudinally by the Andean Range, and its territory extends westward to the Pacific Ocean and eastward to the Amazon Basin, ...
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