Rainforest Jungle Ayahuasca 3days


Manu Travel Ayahuasca 3 dias. Las sesiones de ayahuasca pretenden ser una experiencia de crecimiento personal y no deben considerarse un sustituto de la psicoterapia, sino un dispositivo terapéutico complementario.



Itinerary  Rainforest Jungle Ayahuasca .

Tour Day 1:

Cusco Ninamarca Paucartambo – Cloud Forest – Pilcopata Lodge

We leave Cusco early in the morning to start our advente! First, we are taken by private transportation where we start our tour Rainforest Jungle Ayahuasca  first stop  in the place called Ninamarca to observe pre-Incan “chullpas”

(tombs) from the Lupaca culture. Then, we continue to Paucartambo, a colonial town with narrow streets and a beautiful church, where people still keep their old customs.

Later, we ascend to Acjanaco Pass (3,550 masl), considered to be an entrance to the Manu National Park, and then we get to the viewpoint Tres Cruces de Oro (3,700 masl) to watch one of the best sunrises in the world! From there,

we start descending to the edge of the Manu jungle, passing first an elfin forest and then a cloud forest where we can

view a cock of the rock, hummingbirds, strikingly-colored quetzals, trogons, spotted flycatchers, and woolly monkeys.

In terms of flora, we can view a variety of orchids, mosses, ferns, etc. Finally, we will arrive at our lodge in Pilcopata

(700 masl). We can refresh ourselves there with a shower and after that, we will be served dinner before we go to bed.

Tour Ayahuasca  Day 2:
Rainforest Jungle Ayahuasca   – Rainforest Lodge /Amazing Trekking  .

After breakfast we will continue our journey in private transportation (an hour and a half) to Port Atalaya (500

masl). From there we will embark on our motorbike to continue our journey through the Madre de Dios River along

the rocky banks to observe wilderlife such as birds, turtles, and lizards sunbathing on the beaches.

Then we will arrive at our hostel where we will have accommodation in our respective rooms. We will explore the

forest to observe a great diversity of species, such as tarantulas, ants, butterflies, some species of monkeys, and huge

trees, exotic plants, palm trees, etc. After that, we will return to our hostel for lunch and then we will visit Machuwasi

Lake, where we will explore on a typical catamaran to observe a great variety of birds, monkeys, reptiles, dwarf

caimans and insects, groups of turtles and perhaps some rum punches (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris).

After this unforgettable walk we will return to our lodge, eat dinner and pass the night in our hostel with bathrooms and showers available.

Tour Ayahuasca Day 3:
Parrot Clay Lick – Port Atalaya – Return  Cusco City

After breakfast, wewill board a motor boat and ride for 10 minutes to a clay-lick of parrots, budgerigars and aras (guacamayo), which is an unforgettable experience!

.After this activity, we will return to the lodge to have breakfast. Then we will re-board our boat to start our return

trip. Our first stop is in Port Atalaya where our private vehicle will await us to take us back to Cusco, where we will arrive between 7 and 7:30 pm.

You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever as well as to bring some anti-malaria tablets with you!

FAUNA The Amazon rivers are an ideal place for those interested in observing wildlife, especially vertebrates. During periods of growing it is possible to canoe silently through the flooded forest, allowing It offers excellent sighting possibilities. No animal group is as obvious as that of birds. The Amazon basin is home to at least 950 species of birds, which makes the great valley of the Amazon the richest region on Earth in this group of creatures.

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Incluye en el Tour Manu Travel

  • Un guía naturalista profesional;
  • Transporte en lancha motora;
  • Transporte terrestre en vehículo privado para viajes a la selva;
  • Entrada a la Reserva;
  • Cocinero profesional,
  • Alimentación: 2 desayunos, 3 almuerzos, 2cenas. y agua potable (Nota: ¡opción
  • Vegetariana disponible a pedido sin costo adicional!);
  • 2 noches en el Albergue ;
  • Kit de primeros auxilios;
  • Radiocomunicaciones para viajes a la selva;
  • Botas de goma.
  • Secion de Ayahuasca .


Not Incluye en el Tour Manu Travel

  • Vuelos e impuestos de salida del aeropuerto;
  • Seguro de viaje;
  • Vacunas para viajes a la selva;
  • Desayuno el primer día y cena el último día;
  • bebidas;
  • Propinas al personal local.

Qué llevar en el Tour Manu Travel 

  • Repelente de mosquitos (¡¡DEET 35 recomendado como MÍNIMO!!),
  • Pasaporte original para viajes a la selva,
  • Mochila pequeña,
  • Camisas de manga larga de algodón (preferiblemente de color verde),
  • Pantalón largo de algodón,
  • Calcetines largos de algodón (para poner en los pantalones),
  • Zapatos cómodos para caminar,
  • Sandalias o zapatos ligeros,
  • Equipo de lluvia (por ejemplo, poncho de lluvia),
  • Traje de baño;
  • Prismáticos (también disponibles para alquiler),
  • Cámara y cargador,
  • Bolsas de plástico para ropa y cámara,
  • Sombrero como protección contra el sol y/o la lluvia,
  • Artículos de aseo,
  • Toalla pequeña,
  • Papel higiénico,
  • Gel antibacterial,
  • Crema solar,
  • lentes de sol,
  • Linterna (con bombilla de repuesto y pilas),
  • Botella de agua (1 litro como mínimo),
  • Dinero de bolsillo (soles) para comprar algunas bebidas y souvenirs, así como
  • para dar propina.




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