Salkantay TrekkinG Machupicchu 5 dias


Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Tours Day 1:

Tour Cusco – Mollepata – Soraypampa – Salkantay Trek .

Walk begins today in the small town of Mollepata above the valley of the Rio Blanco to Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu. Following a wide track, well established we do with our careful way up the valley side covering a distance

of about 16 km /9.9 miles and climbing 1200m / 3937ft. The views during the day are fantastic, everything around

us are green green mountains, along the way are a wide variety of plants and flowers native birds flitting in and out

and towards the end of the day we will see the peaks Humantay and snowy Salkantay (Savage) hovering above us.

Our camp tonight is Soraypampa (4000m / 12750ft.) salkantay , The nights can be quite cold here, so it’s a good idea to put on her hat and gloves before going to sleep.

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Tours Day 2:

Walk Soraypampa – Colpapampa – Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu .

Today is the longest and hardest day of the trek, but also the most beautiful. The scenery throughout the day going

from one extreme to another; from the high Puna covered with bunch grass make our way up and over Salkantay

(Salcantay) pass where everything is rock and ice and then down the other side to the warm and lush cloud forest

below. On the way we will see a variety of wildlife from small finches to scrape by on higher hummingbirds and

toucans in the cloud forest altitudes, there is also the opportunity to see Andean Fox, White Tailed Deer and Vizcacha (Chinchilla Similar rabbit) during the trek .

Our camp tonight is Colpapampa (2900m / 9514ft), it is recommended that you put in an insect repellent from

now as mosquitoes in the area have a nasty bite.

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Tours Day 3:

Walk Colpapampa – La Playa – Salkantay Trek  to Machu Picchu .

Our destination today is the village of La Playa about 12 km through the valley of Colpapampa. Our route takes us

along the river Lluskamayo through an area that is full of life and has several coffee plantations and orchards. The

landscape in this area is not as impressive as the previous day, but the heat and lush vegetation are a respite from the

high mountains behind us. Tonight we stay in the village of La Playa (2400m / 7874ft.) salkantay , Which is well

connected and there are plenty of places where you can buy snacks and refreshments, you can also try some locally

grown coffee. If you are interested, there is the option of visiting some baths that are very close, let your guide in

advance so you can arrange this for you.

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Tours Day 4:

Walk The Beach – Hidroelectrica – Aguas Calientes “pueblo Machu Picchu” Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu.

Today is the last leg of the trek before arriving in Aguas Calientes below Machu Picchu. The main focus today a

visit to the archaeological site of Llactapata sat on the mountainside above. Following an original Inca road to reach

Llactapata early and mid morning and you can enjoy the fantastic views of Machu Picchu we get from here.

After a tour of Llactapata where we will learn about the Incas and their culture we head down the mountainside to

the Hydroelectric where we will take the train to Aguas Calientes. machupicchu salkantay .

Tours Day 5:

Trekking Machu Picchu .

Waking up early take the first bus back to Machu Picchu to enter the site because it opens. We will have a guided

tour of two hours the place where you will learn about the Incas and visiting all major areas of the citadel. After your

trip you will have free time to explore the site on your own and if you have permission to climb Huayna Picchu or

Machu Picchu mountain. In the afternoon take the train back to Ollantaytambo where you continue by bus back to Cusco.

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Incluye en el Tour Salkantay Trekking Machupicchu

  • Profesional bilingüe y para grupos de más de 9 personas un guía asistente
  • también Chef Guide
  • Porteadores para llevar equipo de cocina y campamento.
  • Mulas (7 kg) para el Salkantay trek a Machu Picchu
  • Recogida y regreso al hotel. Bus a Mollepata para comenzar el trekking y tren y
  • bus para regresar a Cusco al final.
  • Agua hervida (excluyendo las primeras 4 horas de la caminata Salkantay cuando
  • tienes que traer tu propia botella)
  • 4 desayunos, 4 almuerzos, 4 cenas y 4 almuerzos. Si tiene una aplicación en la
  • dieta, como vegetariana, háganoslo saber.
  • Carpa comedor con mesas y sillas
  • El hombre de la tienda por cada 2 excursionistas
  • Hotel .
  • colchon para dormir
  • botella de oxigeno
  • Kit de primeros auxilios
  • Entrada a machu picchu
  • Bus de retorno de Machu Picchu a Aguas Calientes.


Not Incluye en el Tour Salkantay Trekking Machupicchu

  • Desayuno el día 1 y comida y cena el día 5
  • La entrada a la montaña Huayna Picchu Machu Picchu
  • Propinas – Es costumbre (pero no la obligación) la propina de sus porteadores y
  • chef al final de la caminata
  • Guía – preferencia personal
  • Seguro: se recomienda encarecidamente que compre un seguro antes de su viaje.

Extras opcionales en Salkantay trek a Machu Picchu:

  • Saco de dormir $30 para viaje
  • Bastón $ 20 para viajes
  • Colchón inflable $ 30 para viajes
  • Carpa Suplemento individual $ 35
  • Mula para llevar objetos personales extra de 7 kg US$ 70 para el trek salkantay
  • Entrada Huayna Picchu para permitir US $ 20





Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

El Otro Camino Inca”

Llame a esta ruta todavía tan llena de turistas que viajan a Machu Picchu. ¿Te imaginas ver la ciudad santa desde la esquina suroeste de Machu Picchu?. En la tradición cultural andina del Perú, espíritu o energía son todas las formas naturales, los árboles, las plantas, los ríos, las rocas y los “apus” de las altas montañas. También en el cuerpo y la respiración me esfuerzo por recuperarme, luego de subir un paso de montaña en el Camino Inca a Machu Picchu, cuatro mil 650 metros de altura, camino a la ciudad inca de Machu Picchu. Llegas al Perú con la idea de llegar a la ciudad sagrada de Machu Picchu por los caminos incas que cruzaron hace más de 500 años. Hasta hace poco, eso significaba caminar con mochila y acampar con miles de otros viajeros aventureros que llegaban cada año para visitar una de las maravillas del mundo “Machu Picchu”. Ahora puede experimentar este espectacular paisaje durante el día, disfrutar de frescos platos andinos y acurrucarse en la noche en edredones de plumas de ganso.
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