Trail Bird 10 Days


Bird Road Cusco – Puerto Maldonado 10 dias .


Trail Bird 10 Days .

Day 1 :

Cusco to Marcapata – Birdwatching Tambopata  Rainforest Trail Bird

birdwatching tour, the Cusco to Marcapata Rainforest Trail Bird expedition offers an exciting and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. The journey begins early in the morning, at 05:00 a.m., with participants boarding a mini-bus to head to HUACARPAY lake, a prime location for observing various endemic bird species.

As the tour progresses, participants will traverse the high mountain pass of Abra Pirhuarani, situated at an impressive 4,725 meters above sea level, allowing for more birdwatching opportunities in this unique environment.

The journey continues towards Marcapata town, with a Box Lunch provided along the way, ensuring that participants remain energized throughout the adventure. More endemic bird species, such as the Andean Cock of the Rock, Tanagers, and Flycatchers, can be observed during this leg of the tour.

In the evening, participants will arrive at Quince Mil town, where they will enjoy a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Accommodations for the night will be provided at a Basic hostel in the town.

The Cusco to Marcapata – Birdwatching Tambopata Rainforest Trail Bird tour is carefully designed to offer bird enthusiasts a comprehensive and unforgettable experience of the diverse avian life in the region. The expertise of experienced guides and the comfortable transportation and lodging arrangements make this journey an excellent choice for anyone seeking an immersive and enriching birdwatching adventure in Peru.

Day 2 :

Marcapata Basic hostel – Tambopata Birdwatching – Trail Bird 

Today we would start also very early, driving in our mini bus to Marcapata, in the way we would take breakfast. Here we would have the oportunity to watch birds like:

Andean Cock Of The Rock , Andean Condor, Dark Faced Brush Finch, Blue Capped Tanager, Rufous Atpitta,

Marcapata Spinetail, streak throated Bush Tyrant, Scarlet Bellied Mountain Tanager , Red Crested Coting, Violet Throated Starfronlet , torret Duck, Torrent Tyranulet .

After we come back to Quince Mil , where we continue watching another kind of birds like: Saffron Crowned

Tanager, Blue necked Tanager, Chestnut brested coronet, Chesnut Backed Antshire, orange Eared Tanager.

At midday we can also take a Box Lunch or instead our cook that always would be ready with our 3 daily meals, can cook for us.

Then we continue the trip to Quince Mil, where we would watch more Endemic birds in the way like: Fine Barred

Piculet, Black Backed Toddy Flycatcher ,Masked trogon, Green Jay, Booted Racket Tail, White Bellied Woodstar , Many Spotted Hummingbird,

Violet Fronted Brilliant , Gray Breasted Sabering, Long Tailed Hermit, Green Hermit, Blue Tailed Emerald, and more. Arriving to Quince Mil we would take our dinner and stay the night at the Basic hostel.

Day 3 :

Quince Mil – Mazuco (or Puerto Maldonado)  .Trail Bird Rainforest.

Also today we start very early after breakfast at the hostel, in the direction to Mazuco or Puerto Maldonado, to watch some birds like:

Yellow Tyranulet, Bobolik, Black and White Seedeater, Blackish Rail, uniform Crake , Azure Gallinule, Burrowing

Owl, Plain Crowned Spinetail, Long Tailed Tyrant, White lined Antbird, Rusty fronted Tody Flycatcher, Black

faced Dacnis, Blue Dacnis, Military Macaw, Cabanis Spinetail,

Vercicolored Barbet, Cimnamon Faced Tyranulet, Orange Breasted Falcon , Gray Breasted Crake, Paradise

Tanager, Bay Headed Tanager. And the Endemics:

Black Backed tody Flycatcher, Fine Barred Piculet. Continuing the trip to Mazuco we would stop to watch:

Carmiol’s Tanager, and have a Box Lunch in the way. After lunch we would watch more birds in the road like:

Masked Tanager, Red Billed Tyranulet, White Browed Purpletuft,Gray Tinamou , Golden Collared Toucanet ,

Striolated Puffbird , Gould’s Jewelfront , Buff Tailed Sicklebill, Black Throated Brilliant , Violed Headed Humminbird , ( rare Rufous crested Coquette, Golden Tailed Sapphire , Black eared Fairy , Mottle Backed Elaenia ,

Two Banded Warbler, Black Crowned Tityra , Spangled Cotinga, Festive Coquette and much more common birds. And just before Puerto Maldonado we would stop again to watch: Red Breasted Black Bird , White Tailed Kite ,

Southern Caracara, Southern Lapwing , Brazilian Teal . Arriving to the hotel, taking dinner in a restaurant, and

stay the night in this town.

Day 4 :

Puerto Maldonado – Iberia to Amazing Trail Bird  .

Today we start after breakfast about 06:00 a.m., by bus to Pastora, to watch some special birds like:

White Throated Jacamar , Purus Jacamar , Black Banded Crake , Sunbittern , Buff Breasted Wren , Southern

Lapwing , Chestnut Crowned Foliage gleaner , Barred Antshrike , Masked Tityra , Straight Billed Woodcreeper, Magpie Tanager ,

Hoatzin , Orange Backed Tropical , Chestnut Bellied Seedeater , Black Billed Seed Finch , Rusty Margined

Flycatcher , Collared plover, Limkin, Pectoral Sanspiper , Solitary Sandpiper. After this activity we would go back to Puerto Maldonado and take lunch there.

Then we would continue our trip, about 3 or 4 hours by bus until Iberia. Stopping at some spots to watch some important birds. Take dinner in a restaurant and stay the night in Iberia.

Day 5 :

Puerto Maldonado – Infierno Durand lodge – Tambopata Birdwatching  amazon Trail Bird  .

Today we would drivwe only mabout 15 minutes, to Oceanía, to watch some special birds like: Black Faced Cotinga, Rufous fronted Anthruhs, Rufous Twistwing , Sulphur Bellied Tyrant Manakin , Blue Headed Macaw

, Bamboo Antshrike , Spot Breasted Woodpecker , Blue and Yellow Macaw , chestnut fronted Macaw , Large

Headed Flatbill , Tui Parakeet , Bluis Fronted Jacamar , Black Faced Tanager , Greenish Elaenia .

After this watching time we would go back to Iberia, to take lunch and pick up our luggage at the hotel. Then we

would go back to Puerto Maldonado. Arriving in the end to Durand Lodge where we would take dinner and sleep.

6TH, 7th & 8th Days:

Durand lodge – Tambopata Birdwatching Research Center .

Here we would stay for four days, to watch another kind of birds in the High Jungle or Primary Jungle like: Rufus Headed Woodpecker, Manu Ant bird ,

Pheasant Cuckoo , Lemon Throated Barbet, Scarlet Hooded Barbet , Gilded Barbet, Red Billed pied tanager , Bare

Necked Fruitcrow , Purple Throated Fruit crow ,Great Jacamar , Point tail palm creeper , Striped Woodhaunter , ENDEMIC .

Peruvian Recurvebill, Band Tailed Manakin, Round Tailed Manakin , Yellow Crested Tanager, Blue Crowned

Manakin , Golden collared Toucanet , White Throated Toucan , Emerald Toucanet , Curd Crested Aracari , Ivory

Billed Aracari, Rofous Breasted pickled , Red Necked Woodpecker , long Tailed Woocreeper ,

Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper, Black Banded Woodcreeper, Strong Billed Woodcreeper, Faciated Antshrike ,

Spot Winged Antshrike, Dusky Throated Antshrike, Barred Antshrike, Ornate Antwren , White Eyed Antwren , Stipple Throated Antwren , Pygmy Antwren , Sclter’s Antwren , Gray Antwren , Long winged Antwren ,

Yellow Breasted Warbling Antbird, Dot Winged Antwren , Gray Antbird , Blakish Antbird , Black Antbird,White Browed Antbird , Black Faced Antbird , Sooty Antbird , Plumbeous Antbird , Goeldi’s Antbird , Black Spotted Bare Eye ,

White Throated Antbird ,

Hairy Crested Antbird , Scale Backed Antbird , Spot Backed Antbird , Plain Throated Antwren , Black Faced Anthrush , Ash Throated Gnateater , Rusty Belted Tapaculo , Short Tailed Pygmy Tyrant , Johannes’s Tody Tyrant

,Dusky Tailed Flatbill ,Ringed Antpipit ,

Golden Crowned Spadebill , White Crested Spadebill , Crowned Slaty Flycatcher , Sirystes , Pink Throated Becard ,

Dull Capped Atila , Cinereous Mourner , Plum Throated Cotinga , Wing Barred Manakin , Blue Backed Manakin, Blue crowned Manakin ,Musician Wren ,Scaly Breasted Wren ,

Orange Headed Tanager , Yellow Backed Tanager , Guira Tanager , Flame Crested Tanager ,White winged Shrike

Tanager , pectoral Sparrow , Buclkley’s Forest falcon, Slate colored Hawk, olive Oropendola . observer en Durand lodge communes . Trogons, Motmots, Haws, kites, Flycatchers, Jays Oropendolas .

This four days staying at DURAND LODGE would be with the food included, and in the nights we would be able

to see birds like: Crested Owl ,Black Banded Owl , Spectaclet Owl , Amazonian Pygmy Owl , Tawny Bellied Screech Owl, Great Potoo , Long Tailed Potoo , Common , potoo , Ocellated Poorwill , Ladder Tailed Nightjar , Common Pauraque.

Day 9 :

Durand lodge – Laguna Tres Chimbadas – Birdwatching Tambopata Research Center to  Trail Bird  Peru .

Today we would start very early in the morning, about 05:15 a.m. we would sail about 45 minutes river up to a clay spot of Parrots and Macaws.

After we would continue the trip until Tres Chimbadas Lake, to watch lake birds and Giant Otters. We would sail

in the lake in a Catamaran boat, that is very comfortable for birds watchers, where we can watch:

Horned Screamer , Green Ibis , Rufescent Tiger Heron , Gray Headed kite , Slender Billed Kite , Snail Kite , Black

Collared Hawk , Green kingfisher , Amazon Kingfisher , Rufus and Green Kingfisher , uncolored Black Bird, Gray Necked Wood Rail, Band Tailed ant bird, Silvered Ant bird , Amazonian Streaked Antwren,

Spotted Tody Flycatcher , Boat Billed Flycatcher ,Lesser Kiskadee , Great Kiskadee , Black Tailed Tityra , Masked

Tityra , Muscovy Duck , Sun grebe , Wattled Jacana , Purple Gallinule, Rufus Sided Crake, King Vulture , Pied Lapwing , Collared Plover , Anhinga , Black Caracara.

After the tour in catamaran we would come back to the path in the way to Tambopata river, take lunch and watch some birds. Then we would sail river down until DURAND LODGE, having a free afternoon at this place

Day 10:

 Durand lodge to Puerto Maldonado  to Lima .

Today After breakfast we would drive about 1 hour to Puerto Maldonado. In this way we would stop to watch some

important birds and continue to the airport. Where we must wait and take the day flight. Where it finishes our tour, and hopping that you had enjoy it.



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Incluye en el Bird Road

  • Un guía turístico naturalista profesional; Ornitología
  • Transporte en lancha motora;
  • Transporte terrestre en vehículo privado;
  • Entrada a la Reserva de Tambopata
  • Cocinero profesional,
  • Comidas: desayuno, almuerzo, cena y agua potable (¡Nota: opción vegetariana
  • Previa solicitud sin costo adicional!);
  • Alojamiento: 9 noches en albergues,
  • Equipo de campamento (carpas personales, colchonetas, mesas, sillas, carpa
  • Comedor, carpa cocina, equipo de cocina y botella de gas);
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios, que incluye extractor de veneno, tratamiento para
  • picaduras de mosquitos y un antídoto para la picadura de serpiente;
  • equipo de rafting y chalecos salvavidas;
  • Radiocomunicaciones;
  • Botas de goma.
  • Más información sobre este texto de origen
  • Para obtener más información sobre la traducción, se necesita el texto de origen

No Incluye Bird Road.

  • Cualquier impuesto de salida de vuelo o aeropuerto;
  • Seguro de viaje;
  • Vacunación;
  • Desayuno el primer día y cena el último día;
  • Bebidas;
  • Propinas al personal local.

Qué llevar contigo Bird Road .

  • Repelente de mosquitos (¡¡DEET 35 recomendado como MÍNIMO!!),
  • pasaporte original,
  • Saco de dormir (puede alquilarlo con nosotros);
  • Mochila pequeña,
  • Camisas de manga larga de algodón (preferiblemente de color verde),
  • Pantalón largo de algodón,
  • Calcetines largos de algodón (para poner en los pantalones),
  • Zapatos cómodos para caminar,
  • Sandalias o zapatos ligeros,
  • Equipo de lluvia (por ejemplo, poncho de lluvia),
  • Suéter (solo para el inicio del recorrido en los Andes y el bosque nuboso),
  • Traje de baño;
  • Prismáticos (también lo alquilamos),
  • Cámara y su cargador,
  • Bolsas de plástico para ropa y una cámara,
  • Un sombrero como protección contra el sol o la lluvia,
  • Artículos de aseo,
  • Toalla pequeña,
  • Papel higiénico,
  • Gel antibacterial,
  • Crema solar,
  • lentes de sol,
  • Linterna (con bombilla de repuesto y pilas),
  • Una botella de agua (1 litro como mínimo),
  • Dinero de bolsillo (Soles) para comprar algunas bebidas y souvenirs así como
  • para dar propina.



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