Videos Manu Amazon Jungle


Amazonia Manu Jungle Videos


Videos Manu Amazon Jungle

Peruvian Amazonia  .

The peruvian The Videos of  national Park Reserve is located in the  River basin, as is Cocha Salvador, Cocha Otorongo, which is the most visited this videos  manu amazon jungle . Among these regions is located

– Cusco and Madre de Dios.  The  Reserve, This natural area is highly protected because it houses a great biodiversity

of species that is the only one on this planet.  Because this area has different ecological levels and

forests such as the low jungle and high jungle, lakes, lagoons, oxbow lakes, primary forests, secondary forests, virgin

forests, tropical forests, purmas,  aguajales, etc . They are very rich in nutrients that give a lot of life. to these

species that live in this natural area, as endemic species were found and not recorded because they are

studying the behavior of thousands and different species – Amazon Jungle

as we can mention some. at least 2,000 to 5,000 species; and some are in extinction the fauna and flora of the

Peruvian Amazonia is very important for humanity because this magical jungle, rainforest, wild, , fauna, Explorer,

wildlife peruvian amzon gives a lot of life. They are very well known by this name in the wild World. They are videos

of the Peruvian jungle such as the cultural zone of  the reserve zone are 2 places rich in wild flora and fauna

there you can see the videos made by our clients who visited this paradise of flora and fauna of Peruvian.


(O’Neill 1992), over 35% of amphibian species (Tovar 2010), 41% of mammals (Pacheco et al. 2009) and more than 3000 species of vascular plants (YOUNG AND LION 1999 2001). : It is also worth noting that these numbers are

only approximate because the Yungas are biologically very unexplored territory where each basin can present

particular species. The PNBS and its importance as protected area The PNBS plays a role in conservation at several

levels: within Puno and Madre de Dios regions nationwide as part of the National System of Protected Natural travel

Areas by the State and globally as part of the conservation corridor Vilcabamba -Amboró. Nationally, it is

clear that part of the importance of PNBS lies in the great biological diversity that remains. Being part of the Convention on Biological Diversity, signed at the Earth Summit of 1992, Peru recognizes the importance of

preserving to ensure sustainable development. The protected areas play a key role in fulfilling the National Strategy

on Biological Diversity, which responds to the president before quoted, character and PNBS agreement as

protected area plays an important role within that concept. As part of the National System of Protected Natural


Videos  Manu National Park/ Amazon Jungle

Areas by the State, whose governing body is the Service National Protected Natural Areas by the State The PNBS and

its importance as naturalprotegida area





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Best Tours Relations in Peru Amazon

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Amazon Excursions – Paquetes de viajes inolvidables – Explore las maravillas de la selva amazónica a través de nuestros paquetes de vacaciones meticulosamente diseñados. Sumérjase en la incomparable biodiversidad y belleza natural de este extraordinario ecosistema mientras disfruta de una experiencia de viaje enriquecedora y sin inconvenientes.

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amazon concervation ,rainforest manu park

Conservation Manu Park  .The Manu National Park is a natural paradise and it is much better preserved and that is why it has the highest index of biodiversity of species, which is one of the 16 places analyzed

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Amazon Manu Hormigas  Termitas. Las termitas secundarias son hembras que son suplementos reproductivos que están todo el tiempo en colonias maduras en condiciones favorables de temperatura.

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Amazon Manu Park

Amazon Manu Park – How to get to Manu Park. To enter the Manu Park, we first have to get to the city of Cusco and then take a tour with an operating company.

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Manu national Park , Amazon Peru

 Parque Nacional Manu Ruta . Contamos con 3 rutas para visitar la Zona de Reserva del Manu, la más corta de 5,3 días y la más larga de 8,7,6 días. Para aquellos que no tienen suficiente tiempo para visitar la Zona de Reserva del Manu



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amazon peruvian ,

About Amazon Manu . Es una zona con la mayor riqueza natural del planeta y una amplia gama de biodiversidad y ecosistemas que hacen posible presentar al mundo un producto diversificado para el turismo de naturaleza viva intacta de la vida silvestre que se encuentra en esta Amazonía peruana.

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AREAS PROTEGIDAS AMAZON PERU – PARQUE NACIONAL DEL MANU. Descubra la Amazonía del Manu, una vegetación con vida natural y muchas especies que conviven con usted, descubriremos diversidades de criaturas caminando por los senderos de esta reserva del Manu.

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Rio Amazon Peru

 Rio Amazon Peru. La Amazonía silvestre es la región más grande del planeta con mucha diversidad de especies, posee una fauna silvestre muy rica y bosques primarios y vírgenes,

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The Rainforest trip

Amazonia Peruna Rainforest 

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Amazonia Wildlife – Flora y Fauna  .La Amazonía salvaje – flora y fauna El bioma amazónico, que tiene una superficie de 6,7 millones de km2 (más del doble del tamaño de la India), representa más del 40% del planeta

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Amazonia Conservacion ,amazon peru conservacion

Conservación del Amazonas. Los estudios realizados por científicos durante muchos años la Amazonía que es sostenible de los recursos naturales y las políticas de uso racional de la tierra.

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Viajes a la Selva , Viajes a la Selva Amazónica.

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