Videos of Manu National Park/ Amazon Jungle


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Videos of Manu National Park.

Peruvian Wild Amazon -Manu National Park Videos .

Amazon wild peruvian The Manu Reserve is located in the Manu River basin, as is Cocha Salvador, Cocha Otorongo, which is the most visited. Among these regions is located – Cusco and Madre de Dios.

The Manu Park Reserve, This natural area is highly protected because it houses a great biodiversity of species that is the only one on this planet.

Because this area has different ecological levels and forests such as the low jungle and high jungle, lakes, lagoons, oxbow lakes, primary forests, secondary forests, virgin forests, tropical forests, purmas, aguajales, etc

. They are very rich in nutrients that give a lot of life. to these species that live in this natural area, as endemic species were found and not recorded because they are studying the behavior of thousands and different species as we can mention some.

at least 2,000 to 5,000 species; and some are in extinction the fauna and flora of the Peruvian Amazon is very important for humanity because this magical jungle, rainforest, wild, Amazon, fauna, Explorer,

wildlife peruvian amzon gives a lot of life. They are very well known by this name in the wild World.

They are videos of the Peruvian jungle such as the cultural zone of Manu and the reserve zone are 2 places rich in wild flora and fauna there you can see the videos made by our clients who visited this paradise of flora and fauna of Peru.


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