Trekking Amazon – 8D/7N


Trekking Amazon Rainforest – 8D/7N

  • Length: 7 days/8nights
  • Type of service: Private or Group
  • Location the Trekking: Southern Peru, Madre de Dios Department, Manu National Park,  amazon peru , amazina rainforest peru,
  • Activities in the Trekking: Manu Reserve zone, cocha salvador, cocha  otorongo, blanquilo, macaw clay lick, cocha blanco.
  • Altitude: 400 – 3,600 m.a.s.l.
  • Best time to visit to the Trekking: May – October
  • Departure in Wildlife Trekking: Every day
  • Minimum of participants: 2
  • Maximum of participants: 10
  • Price per person: USD


Manu National Park  -Trekking Amazon  – Peru

  • Creation May : 29, 1973
  • Extension Amazon:1716 295 .22 Hectares
  • Location : Regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios

Core area of the Biosphere Reserve Trekking Amazon.
1025 : species of Birds .
221 : Species of Mammals.
1307 : Butterfly Species .
8     : Species of Wild Felines .
15   : Primate Species .
27   : Species of Psittacines .
155  :Reptile Species  in the Amazon Peru.
300  : Species of Ants in the Rainforest Amazon.
650  :Species of Beetles.



ItineraryTrekking Amazon – 8D/7N

 Day 1: Cusco  Cloud Forest – Paraiso lodge Inn.

We leave Cusco early in the morning to start our adventurous trip! First, we are taken by private transport to trekking amazon  the place called Ninamarca to observe pre-Incan “chullpas” (tombs) of the Lupaca’s culture.

Then, we continue to Paucartambo, a colonial town with narrow streets and beautiful church, where people still keep their old customs. Then, we ascend to the viewpoint Tres Cruces (3,900 masl) to observe one of the best sunrises of the world!

From there, we start descending to the Manu National Park, a place of presence of cock of the rock (a Peruvian national bird), hummingbirds, strikingly coloured quetzals, trogons, spotted flycatcher and woolly monkey.

From flora, we can view a variety of orchids, mosses, ferns, etc. Finally, we get to Pilcopata (700 masl) where we overnight in the Lodge after enjoying dinner and shower in  Jungle peru .

 Trekking Day 2: Paraiso lodge Inn to Rainforest Lodge .

After breakfast, we continue our journey by private car (one and half an hour) towards the port at Atalaya (500 m.a.s.l). There, we board a motorized boat to continue for about half an hour navigating on the Alto Madre de

Dios River. Along the rocky riversides, we have a great opportunity to observe the river wildlife like herons, vultures, cormorants and some of 13 monkey species living in theReserve  In the afternoon, we reach our next

lodge – Rainforest Lodge. Then we go to explore nearby paths where we can see a big diversity of species, for example, tarantulas, ants, butterflies, some monkey species, huge trees, erotic plants, palms, etc. After that, we return to our lodge to overnight.

Optional: A night walk.

Trekking Day  3: Rainforest Lodge to Boca Manu – Maquisapayoq .

Today, a long journey expects us navigating for 8 hours the Alto Madre de Dios River. On the way, we have an opportunity to observe diverse species such as herons, vultures, kingfishers, turtles or monkeys. Later on, we reach

the Manu Reserve . In the afternoon, we pass through the area of Boca Manu where the Alto Madre de Dios River flows into the Madre de Dios River! Our next lodge – Maquisapayoq is situated only an hour far away from there.

This place is a habitat of a red-faced spider monkey. We have a shower and dinner there and before we get to sleep, we experience an evening walk to a nearby tapir clay-lick observing tapirs from an opposite hidden platform

placed just 3 metres far away from the clay-lick in the trips

Trekking Day 4: Maquisapayoq Lodge – Blanquillo Capsite to  Cocha Blanco

After breakfast, we explore nearby paths. Afterwards, we board our boat to navigate down the river for half an hour until we reach Blanquillo, a place of our campsite for a couple of following days. Our Cook prepares us lunch

there then, we get ready to walk to Cocha Blanco (Blanco Lake) to watch giant river otters fishing. If we are lucky, we can spot a big variety of birds playing, for example, a prehistoric bird called hoatzin. We return then to the

campsite to be served dinner to later go in search of caimans which are usually active at night. For overnight, we get back to the campsite in Jungle Trip .

Optional: A night walk  rainforest .

Trekking Day 5: Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick  – Camungo Lake Amazon Trekking.

We wake up very early to go to the famous and splendid parrot’s clay-lick of Blanquillo to watch big flocks of macaws (Ara Chloroptera), parrots and parakeets!!They come to eat clay there that helps them to digest and clean

body from toxins! After this activity, we are given an opportunity to climb a 42 meter high observation tower situated next to the Camungo Lake. From there, we are able to enjoy Amazonian landscapes. Later on, we start

returning to the campsite exploring other nearby paths.

Optional: A night walk in tour .

Trekking Day 6:  Blanquillo to Cocha Blanco .

Today, we explorer the jungle on the way back to the Maquisapayoq Lodge. When again in Cocha Blanco, we observe giant river otter families this time from a boat. Later, we get back to the Blanquillo parrot´s clay

lick where we have opportunity to watch guacamayos (blue-red parrots) once again! Then we reach the Maquisapayoq Lodge to be served lunch. Afterwards, we are given spare time, during which we can practice

fishing of piranhas and catfishes. Dinner is served in the lodge again.

Optional: A night walk in the jungle.

Trekking Day 7: Maquisapayoq Lodge – Puerto maldonado

After breakfast, we spend the longest day on a boat sailing the Madre de Dios River with direction to Cusco passing the ports of Puerto Colorado and Puerto Carlos. The latter is a place where we can take a bus to Cusco  (about 10 hours of ride).

Or, we can continue for other 2 hours to the city of Puerto Maldonado where we overnight in a hostel with a private bathroom with shower. (Today’s dinner is on your own as it is not included in the tour .

Trekking Day 8: Return Flight From Puerto Maldonado  – Cusco or Lima.

We have breakfast in the hostel and afterwards, we are taken to the airport of Puerto Maldonado to take a flight back to Cusco or to Lima.

You need to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever as well as to bring some anti-malaria tablets with you!!


Included in the Trekking:

  • A professional naturalist Tour Guide;
  • Motorboat transportation;
  • Private vehicle land transportation;
  • Entrance fee to the Blanquillo Macw clay-lick;
  • A professional Cook,
  • Meals: 7x breakfast, 7x lunch, 6x dinner and drinking water (Please note: vegetarian option upon request for no extra cost!);
  • Accommodation: 4 nights in lodges, 2 nights in a campiste, 1 night in a hostel;
  • Camping equipment (personal tents, mattresses, tables, chairs, dining tent, kitchen tent, kitchen equipment and a gas bottle);
  • First aid kit, including a poison extractor, mosquito bite treatment and an antidote for a snake bite;
  • Radio communications;
  • Rubber boots.

Not included in the Trekking Amazon:

  • A flight from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco or Lima;
  • Airport departure taxes;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Vaccination;
  • Sleeping bag (you can rent it from us!);
  • Breakfast on the first day and dinner on the seventh day (in Puerto Maldonado);
  • Drinks;
  • Tips to local staff.

What to take with you to the Tour .

  • Mosquito repellent (DEET 35 recommended as a MINIMUM!!),
  • Original passport take for the trips jungle Trekking   ,
  • Small backpack bring  with you in the trekking ,
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured) for the tour jungle trekking .,
  • Long cotton trousers  ,
  • Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers),
  • Comfortable walking shoes for tour trip trekking ,
  • Sandals or light shoes for the wildlife trekking ,
  • Rain gear (e.g. rain poncho) during the trekking ,
  • Sweater (for the beginning of the tour in Andes and the cloud forest only),
  • Swimsuits;
  • Binoculars (we also rent it) by this jungle hikking  ,
  • Camera and its charger take  for tour  ,
  • Plastic bags to be used for clothes and a camera  bring with for the tour.,
  • A hat as a protection against the Sun or rain by this rainforest trips trekking .,
  • Toiletries,
  • Small towel,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Antibacterial gel,
  • Sun cream,
  • Sunglasses ,
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries),
  • A bottled water (1 litre as a minimum),