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Conservation objectives of the macaw clay lick:

Tambopata .

  • Protection of flora, fauna and ecological processes of a sample of the southern Amazon jungle of Peru.
  • Generate conservation processes with the population in the area of the reserve, in order to sustainably use resources such as chestnut trees and the landscape for recreation.
  • Contribute to sustainable development of the region and the country, from knowledge of biodiversity and management of the various renewable natural resources

Diversity of flora and fauna in Tambopata Peru:

It is one of the places of greatest diversity of wildlife in the world in the jungle, offers healthy habitats for species that are endangered. There have been 169 species of mammals, 103 amphibians, 205 fish and a record 1,200 species of butterflies. Also, there have been 632 species of birds. In RNTAMB will be appreciated diversity of fauna and among the most representative are: species of macaws (macaw lick) including endemic blue green head (Ara couloni), harpy eagle (Harpia harpija); variety of primates as the emperor tamarin (Saguinus imperator), the howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus); cats like the jaguar (Panthera onca), other mammals such as tapir (Tapirus terrestris), peccary (Tayassu peccary). Is also the singular Rio Lobo (pteronura brasiliensis), the largest of all species of otters. Also we have identified 17 vegetation associations by type of forest with a record of 1255 species of plants in the forest.

Observe the following in the macaw clay lick Tambopata Peru:

  • Register your entry and exit in each Stall Control and Surveillance on their trips to the jungle.
  • The Ranger is the authority within the Protected Area responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules.Respect their signs on their trips to the jungle!
  • Placing the waste generated in the authorized or removed outside the protected forest within the natural area sites.
  • Minimum Distance Fauna Observation: 20 meters.
  • Rio Lobo Groups: No closer than 50 m, no follow not block your access to the lake, burrows or broken.
  • Do not hunt or fish in the Peruvian jungle.
  • No bathing or washing clothes in rivers of the jungle.
  • Payment for right of entry and authorization to visit the attractions of the RNTAMB is required.
  • The local population of the area of influence of the RNTAMB can visit the attractions for free (requesting prior authorization), the last Sunday of each month.

Sandoval Lake

Sandoval Lake is one of the main attractions of the Tambopata National Reserve. It is also attractive receiving major tourist because of its scenic beauty and its proximity to the city of Puerto Maldonado (45 min by boat on the Madre de Dios). It is accessed by a path of about 02 km to a pier where visitors addressed rowing boats to enter by a small river into the lake. During the visit you can see different species of wildlife such as monkeys, macaw lick, parrots, alligators, otters, different species of birds and the impressive diversity of flora that this has this protected natural area.

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