Jungle Trips

Jungle Trips

Peru is one of the select countries has amazing natural protected areas, which cover 14.8% of the country (128.521, 560 hectares); gathering in one place much of the natural wealth of the planet manu jungle trips. This includes the vast array of biodiversity and ecosystems that make it possible to present to the world a diversified product for nature tourism in the Peruvian jungle. On trips to the Peruvian jungle with natural areas of greatest tour and therefore representative to clarify the results of trips to Manu National Park, Tambopata tours, booking sandoval lake, Huascaran National Park and Paracas.

Thus we have, tourist on their trips to the jungle as the Manu looking to make more specialized activities to get in touch with the area’s biodiversity (flora and fauna), with wild life and customs of the communities native to the Amazon jungle of Peru.

On the other hand, Tambopata trips:

tourists show a conservative attitude in their motives and conduct of activities in the Amazon jungle. They are interested in experimenting with the natural habitat without sacrificing convenience or comfort. Tourist areas like Manu, Tambopata tours, booking sandoval lake, are most attractive and profitable for Peru, because their spending is higher than other tourists. Internet is par excellence the principal media widely used by tourists from nature when seeking information for your trip to the jungle.

Their motivations jungle trips were for example: Wildlife watching, Getting in touch with nature, observation of flora in the jungle, find new cultures in the jungle, watching wildlife in the jungle, The beautiful landscape , Meet the exotic jungle Relax in the jungle, Date biodiversity and ecology of the forest, observe different types of birds of the forest, etc. The interest in biodiversity as observing wildlife and birds in the Peruvian jungle, is highlighted further by tourists travel specialists jungle.